Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tampon Alert

This post is PMS induced all readers are advised not to proceed, especially male readers!

Once upon a time I had a perfict cycle, I could've sworn on my period because it was something that I was sure about. Pulling through PMS was always hard, but knowing when it was going to end made it a whole lot easier.

Now I'm not sure of anything (over dramatic much)! It seems that I'm in a constant PMS and it's taking it's toll on me. Being on a diet doesn't help much since I'm craving the craziest food that I'm not supposed to eat, and I can't cram all of my cravings in one day because I'm afraid that I might eat myself to death!!

The mood swing are not that bad though, which is really good. What's annoying me the most is that I'm getting a some type of bra rash (there's a lot of bra talk in here!!) And I don't know if it's the heat or it's hormonal or god knows what!

And the thing is that I hate going to the doctors' because doctors have god complex and they love to boss around and I'm not a fan of taking orders! Plus, I have some unexplained cuts and bruises which I don't want to discuss with anyone, especially not with a know it all doctor!

I have one question to tampon users, is it annoying? I'm personally a sanitary pad girl and would never even consider using tampons because I don't think that I'll feel comfortable in!


TaZmaNiA said...

salamat salamat ma tshofeen shar inshlla. again my advice is that you should see a doctor very soon !! don't be stubborn & don't bargain with ur health please, there are many good doctors choose one that you feel comfortable about. o slamtech walla

Vainglorious said...

I agree with what TaZmaNiA said, you should see a doctor. Not all doctors are bossy, some of them are actually nice. Just listen to what the doc has to say you dont really have to follow orders if you dont like what you hear or if your not convinced

Dont.Dwell said...

U don't have to talk to the doctor about stuff u don't really wanna share, if u feel something is wrong go in for a check up oo if the questions ur asked are out of ur comfort zone, just politely say ur not willing to answer them without even going through the touble of making up stuff :)

Hope u feel better