Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sucky Songs and Weight Loss

I used to enjoy music of all types, my play list could go from pop to rock to tichno and heavy metal. Even thu my play list consists of 70 songs it's more than enough for me. The problem is that I'm starting to get bored with some of the songs, and I grew out of a significant part of it and I'm finding it hard to replace them.

As hard as I've tried I couldn't love lady gaga and the new generation of performers. And my intelligence wouldn't allow me to listen to Disney's new batch of sucky singers. And I have nothing to say about justin bieber, and ke$ha! Those two have a voice that hurts my soul! I'm not kidding wallah it's painful listening to them, and the problem is that they're every where and it's teenagers fault! I hate how they're taking over the world, I just hate them no86a bedayat esa6er!

I know that there are other options and if I don't like them I could just not listen, but if I'm suffering then you should suffer with me!:p

Weight loss updates:
El7emdellah everything is going great and I'm going according to plan, 9ej my activity is restricted to wii sport and some times a walk at this moment, bs inshallah when my sister gets her first pay check (yaaaaaaiy) we'll both join a gym:)


Vainglorious said...

It's hard to find good songs now days. That's why old is gold ;)

Don't get me started on Disney's singers! Terrible music and lyrics!

Yay for you! sticking with the plan and doing great :) keep it up!

Sumaiah said...

Yes I know, but what if I'm bored of all the old songs!

Yeah I'm really proud of me, inshallah atem chethy oo ma a5ourha!

Why don't u change the comment setting to have it in a separate page than the post it self?

Vainglorious said...

Thanks for the tip, i just changed the settings

greak said...


keep on going :) said...

try things like, it finds and recommends stuff based on what you like

i'm sorry to have to admit this, but for i while i had bieber fever. forgive me father, i have sinned. i think its over... for the most part :P

Sumaiah said...

Thank u for the ehda2 and the good wishes:*

Thanks for the site, it's very helpful:)

La2aaaaaaaaaa! Why did u have to tell me this! Bs as long as u've repented that's enough for me!:p