Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Met My Hero

To all the people who were against freedom flotilla I say shame on you! I know that it took me a while to speak up, but at the time of the event I didn't have enough knowledge of what was happening and this is why I chose not to contribute with a half assed effort to be with or against something that I wasn't fully aware of.

Today I met Haya Al-shatti and I'm very honored that I got to be around that girl mashallah 3aleha. I knew from my mom's friend that she'll be coming to the lajna (we're a house away from the lajna) so I got excited and I searched and read and did my home work with the intention of debating here to understand what everything was about. From the beginning I wasn't against them going there, on the contrary, I respected them for what they did. I just wanted to make sure that what they did made a change.

I admit that I'm not a very religious person, and I'm not very human, and knowing that muslims are dying somewhere away from me doesn't really affect my life! But that girl made me care, that girl made me want to change, that girl opened my eyes and showed me that people in Gaza don't need my petty! People in Gaza don't need my money! And people in Gaza don't need my help! She taught me that we are the ones who need help! She showed me how insignificant I am, how stupid I was for thinking that I knew it all. I wanted to find out if they made a change, how pathetic of me! They rocked the world, even if now the incident is already history but they cracked the surface. They got the voice of Gaza out, they showed the world who the terrorists are, so yes they made a change.

I would pay anything to have the experience that they went through. The coming together of all nationalities and religions for the sake of one cause. The courage that they showed for a cause that for most wasn't there's to fight. The passion for freedom that they had and wanted to share. Those people could die today at ease because of what they got to see, because of the fulfillment that they got to experience.

I know that I'm not making sense, but I can't find a way of projecting what I just experienced to you! What that girl said left me crying and hugging her and thanking he at the same time, and I'm not someone who's fond of public display of any emotions! I must've looked and sounded crazy to her and I'm really sorry for that!:p


Vainglorious said...

Hmm... I think i'll keep my opinion to myself this time

5/4 said...

But I thought I was your hero? :"(

5/4 said...


And you know laman agafil 7aaaaaaadi agafil 3adil.

Damn girl, explain??

Ma fahamt shay...

5/4 said...

Oh! Now I get it.

It's truly amazing how 1 person can open both your mind & heart towards such things.

(Am I making sense? LOL)

Madry Semo this subject matter is complicated..

unforgivable sinner said...

no you're making perfect sense.. and even though im not religious myself.. the idae of going there and helping someone.. the unity the humanity... so overwhelming.

Sumaiah said...

U have the total freedom of expressing (or not expressing) ur opinions her, it's a judge free zone:)


I missed seeing ur comments!

Girl u know that ur my 2nd favorite person (ur neck and neck with mesho), and ur definitely my hero! I believe that a girl could have as much heroes as she needs, and there's always place for u love:**

Yes ur making sense:)
It is complicated, but now I can't feel at ease living my life the way that I do, I feel so useless!:(

Unforgivable sinner:
Isn't it! I dream of having that sense of achievement!

Welcome to my blog honey:*