Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Day

Today I went to college to meet my friends and then go out with one of them. I haven't realized how much I missed them all until I got there and sat with them. We did some catching up but we didn't stay long since all of them but me, nana ( my bestest friend) and Mesho, were taking a summer semester and had lectures to go to.

After countless hugs (I'm a hugy bear, if ur allowed to touch me then u'll have to live with my squeezy hugs!:p) we left college to go to 360 because we wanted to watch "Despicable Me", we got ther at about 11 and the movie was showing at 12:30 so we sat and chatted some more.

The movie was so cute we had a good laugh. Mesho says that I'm just like Gru, pretending that I'm mean and bad but in reality I'm all mushy and cuddly, I told her to shut up!:p

Then we had to check the rides and the arcade games at "Infunity". Everybody there greeted us with a weird smile since we were the only adults who didn't have a child with us to play bs it was lots of fun. The staff there were so adorable I really regret not taking pictures with them all!:(

Then we had a disappointing lunch at let's burger! After all the hype that it generated Mesho thought that maybe we should check it out, but it was the worst decision that we made all day! The food was either bland or bad and we didn't enjoy it the least!

The best thing after hanging out with nanaty was ditching the driving lesson. Even though I could drive a truck by now, daddy says that I should keep on training until one day before rama'6an because that's when he's scheduling my try! I really love my trainer though, he's such a baba 3ody I want to take him home! But that doesn't mean that I'm not too sick and tired of parallel parking (I'm not bragging, but I'm the queen of parallel parking!:p) and driving aimlessly on the street!

But nothing matters today because I had lots and lots of fun and love, it's safe to say that I'm really happy el7emdellah:)


Ambrosial said...

allah Ytamim 3laich hal Happiness inshallah ;) glad u had fun :) And about ur try, they only focus on the parallel parking, so ur good to go girl ;)

TaZmaNiA said...

seems you had a very enjoyable & nostalgic day :) doom inshalla!

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Sumaiah said...

Thank u honey:*
Inshallah lanna etha I failed my try I'm pretty sure that daddy won't reschedule, 7adda 9ayer shereer mn kether ma yananta!:p

Yes I did! I felt like a happy over sized little girl!:p
Thank u honey:*

Vainglorious said...

3asa doum happy inshala :D

Sumaiah said...

Thank u honey:*

Fiona said...

InShala 3la 6ool happy ;)

Sumaiah said...

Thank u sweety:)