Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Congratulation to Me

I received my degree today after a very long wait and I don't feel anything! This is my achievement, it's the only thing that I could claim as mine, so why am I not happy! Maybe I'm just too much of a nekadeya to feel!


extinct-dodo.com said...

Mabroooook, minha lila3la!

You won't know its worth til you get employed. That's what people tell me anyway.

extinct-dodo.com said...

i don't know what happened to my comment :/

Vainglorious said...

Congratulations!! :D

TaZmaNiA said...

mabrook mabrook :) wish you a very successful career o basech nekad ;p

unforgivable sinner said...

i just got mine as well..
congrats! :D

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feech, thank u:*

Maybe, who knows!

Thank u:*

Thank u:*
Looool I'll try to but I'm not promising anything!:p

Unforgivable Sinner:
Mabrooooooook, how does it feel?
Thank u honey:*

greak said...

golo golo looosh mabrook

golo golo << ebthemetek fee a7ad eyabebe chethy ?

Sumaiah said...

yaaaay i got a yebab! even if it was half-assed but still its a yebab:D
you think that if u got a 3.56 GPA ur parents will be proud of u..... NOT! but who cares i'm proud of me! and i'll learn to ayabeb 7g ro7y!!

loool galabt elmawaje3 wallah! but i'm starting to like u and if u keep being this adorable i might even sleep with u!:p

greak said...

did i say that ur smart, talented and i would totally vote 4 u ? XD

Sumaiah said...

Looooool easy boy, don't get too excited!!;p