Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Do...

Things I want to do now that I graduated:
- Clean my room: my room have always been messy but now its unrecognizable, not to mention that it's a hazard wana a5af 3alla 7ayate 9ara7atan!:p

- Drive: I've delayed driving long enough and I know that if I stayed at home I'll either commit suicide or kill my whole family! So 7efa'6an 3alla my barely there sanity I'll learn how to drive to aheet:)

- Lose weight: I've always been over weight but since the beginning of this semester I've been eating none stop and I went from being over weight to being obese!! Now I not only want to go back to my previous weight, I want to be healthy again! The last time I was within the healthy weight category I was 9 or even younger! My problem is that I'm an emotional eater and I managed to numb life's misery by food! I don't blame my sucky life for the state that I'm in today, I know that I'm the only one to blame and that's why I'll try to fix me:)

- Join a gym: its kind of a subgoal, because it's part of my plan to be healthy.

- Try to be more religious: I have commitment issues so it's really hard for me to do things regularly, and praying and reading Quraan is not excluded unfortunately! I know that it's wrong and that I should change to the best but as hard as I've tried I never succeeded in doing so! But that doesn't stop me from trying again! That should count for something, right!

- Be socially active: I'm not really a social person, I do participate in social events and people seem to enjoy having me around, it's just that I hate pretending to care, I hate smiling, chitchating and putting a face that I don't feel comfortable wearing! bs I'm hoping that when I start feeling better about myself, I will learn how to feel better around people.

This is getting to be too long! I know that I could come up with more, like volunteering or crocheting or something, but for your sake I'll stop at that!:p


greak said...

good list. I always focus on the things i wanna get done and eliminate the things I dont. good luck

Sumaiah said...

Thank u:)
Yes I realized that if I didn't have what I want to do written, I'll probably won't do it! Even when I write them down there's a chance that some won't get done, but I'm aiming for the best:)

5/4 said...

Best of luck 7ayati :*

I share almost all of them weyach.. especially the religious part.

Remember it's never too late to change.


Sumaiah said...

Thank u 7ayateee:*

Yeah I know, inshallah this time I'll have the well to follow through:)

Love u too honey:**

5/4 said...