Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stupid Stupid Girl!

Yours truly woke up at 5am to study for her final, went to college an hour early to settle, surfed the net to cool her nerves, checked her facebook account only to find out the today's her friend's birthday, was happy for a minute, then went "how come!" Today's 7/6 and her friend's birthday's 6/6!! "No wait it is 6/6!" stupid Sumaiah said with a Stupid look on her face! She open Kuwait university's site only to find out the her stupidity didn't end at the previous mistake, if that was even possible (well it is possible since that’s what happened!!) and that even if today was the 7th she was studying the wrong subject!!!

Never in my academic life was I that stupid, madry what's happening to me! Bs loooool 3alla '3aba2y! ma 3araft achayek 3alla my phone! Ma 3araft achayek 3alla sa3ty! Ma 3araft achayek 3alla jadwely elma7thoof yam elsereer! Bs 3araft agoom mn elfayer adres waroo7 elkoleya 3gb atthakar achayek!! Gazma!

Now I can't even talk like a normal person from the lack of blood supply going to my brain due to scorching heat and lack of sleep! And to top it all there's no one to pick me from school and I hate myself for being stubborn and not driving! "I'll drive when I graduate, I don’t want any distractions" stupid stupid girl!! eft 3alay!


5/4 said...

LOOOOOOL sorry adry enti 7adich em3a9ba bas it's funny!!

best of luck bil subject 3ad :*

tell us how it goes

love ya!

Sumaiah said...

looool la 3ady i know that it's funny, at least u where sevilized unlike others!:p

well yesterday's exam was good, but the instructor 6redat one of the girls for cheating chan at9arga3 even though i dont cheat!:p

thank u 7ayatee, love u too:**