Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sexual Frustration

First of all this post is going to get sexual, it’s going to talk about me and my insane views a preferences, and it's going to be a waste of time to anyone who reads it. So if you're not a fan of me, and you don’t appreciate sexual discussions please spare yourself the agony of reading this post.

It started out with a young girl (a very young girl) learning about sex from a porn magazine with the help of the girl next door. what that girl saw was fascinating, was magical, maybe a bit twisted too, but that little girl was too sick of playing perfect and not getting any rewards. That event helped shape the weird person who's typing this post, you see, that little girl learned that day that being good wasn’t the right thing for her. She learned that she's a rebel, she's unique, she's not satisfied, and that she wanted more.

The little girl grew up on porn and sexual drama to be me with all my glory. 3gb elmo8adema elly ma kan laha da3y I'll start with the post:p

To me sex is a currency, it's an exchange between two consenting adults, this definition is kind of normal right! Well, the interesting thing is that I just cant think of sex as a result of a loving relation ship!! To me a relation ship is too sacred to be tainted with sexual drama, too virgin if I may say. Its true that I'm too horny for my own good, but in my past relationships I couldn’t think of what would happen next! I loved being around that person but the thought of turning the great thing that we had into something that will consume that love just scared me and made me push that person away. I believe in relationships, but I believe in one night stands even more. I believe that sexual craving should be taken care of away from the frame that binds two! I know it sounds crazy but that's how I feel! I feel that if I ever wanted to be in a successful relationship, I have to have something on the side!

A little reassurance to all my readers (all three of you:p), I'm not a prostitute! I don’t sleep around, what I wrote is what I feel but I'm a person who doesn’t act on her feelings because they're too crazy! I respect myself far too much to act that way, and that’s why I'll forever be sexually frustrated!


Anonymous said...

masturbation ?

extinct-dodo.com said...

i would have to agree on your view. sex, in all its wonderful thunder and bolts and lightening of pleasure and fantasy, somehow manages to taint "love", or a relationship as you put it.

it really is a currency, and just as money is dirty, sex is dirty, but it is a necessary evil, and we just love it. yet sex and genuinely caring, loving relationships shouldn't mingle.

American Girl In Kuwait said...

Listen, at least you have an opinion! I far prefer that to people who have none :)

Sex is like a lot of things - its totally personal and everyone has an opinion about it and I don't think anyone's opinion is wrong - I can only believe that whatever you choose, at the moment you make the choice, it should be the right decision for you!

It's never a good idea to enter into anything sexual with the ridiculous notion that it won't somehow affect you emotionally - that's practically impossible, especially for women - no matter how evolved we are :)

It's impossible to live a life without any regrets, and I promise that you will regret at least a few things sex-related. But as long as you're healthy and smart and you're at peace with your decisions, everything will be fine.

Sumaiah said...

Sex really sell!!:p
Water jets! Would appreciate sex toys but they're hard to get in here!

That's exactly what I feel!
And welcome to my humble place, hope that u'll pass by again:)

American Girl in Kuwait:
People around me call me a robot because it's only normal for me to not show emotions! So that's not really the problem!
But thanks for the advice honey, it's much appreciated:)

5/4 said...

My baby entay :*

I wrote a long comment chan yaf9il I'm so frustrated I will write it again until I calm down. Hate it when it happens!!

5/4 said...

First of, I applaud you for your courage and for being so honest. You don't know how much this means. Thank you so much.

"To me a relationship is too sacred to be tainted with sexual drama,"

I couldn't agree with you more on that. To be quite honest most relationships are based on sex. After he gets what he wants and gets bored he goes away. Not all but most of them.

And I believe when it comes to the virginity part as most people are not religious when it comes to doing IT. But I'm a firm believer it's the self-respect that comes before the religious views. Coz like I said before.

Bil 3ax I see nothing wrong and you're no protitute (yekhasi age9 elsanah eli yegool chethe) I think you're a very brave girl and you're not pretending to be someone you're not nafs elbanat eli bas 6ay7een lah esteshraf.

You're doing nothing wrong. It's your complete right to talk about whatever you want whenever you want in your blog.

Freedom of speech.

Love u!

5/4 said...

But doesn't masturbation tear the virginity hymen, right? Wela I'm wrong?

Wela it has to be a FULL sexual intercourse? So that a girl will lose it?

You know adry ma lah ma3na but I'm frustrated inah a7na em7af'6en 3ala nafisna w ma na'3le6, keeping our virginities (because we respect ourselves first, of course) gabil kil shay, bas ityeey wa7da w ithabib then etsawi targee3? La2 w gets married too.

I always wanted to talk about this in my blog. It always pissed me off...

Sumaiah said...

i'm really glad that u decided to rewrite the comment even though it's extremely frustrating:***

as for the virginity, yes i believe that it's all about self respect, to me 3al2a8al!

as for masturbation, no it doesn't lanna who knows ur body better than u! u only need to locate the clitoris then stimulate it, its as easy as that! but the annoying thing is that u don't get extreme results just tiny bolts which is disappointing! etha fy a7ad yaby ysawe new business i recommend sex toys, ana awal wa7da beteshtery!:p

and u should write about whatever's bothering u, especially because u've been disapering lately!

love u too honey:**