Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of lectures:)

Today was my last day of lectures ever! I feel madry shloun and just depressed because no one's taking me out or acknowledging the fact that I should be celebrated! It's not that I was expecting much, but a girl is allowed to dream! Any ways, I'm just happy that it's about to be over, three finals and I'll be free:)
15/6 you can't come sooner!!


Hopeless Sight said...

I had one lecture that day and I couldn't believe that we are already done, 5ala9!
But the thing that I don't like is studying for finals! :(
killish mali 5ilg.
I start my holiday before you :p
last final is on june the 14th. :D
Good luck

Sumaiah said...

i usually dont like studying for finals bs halcourse mn kether ma sawait projects bs i cant wait for the finals! ma3ana i still have one short paper and 2 final project that i havent handed in yet oo lel2asaf lal7een ma 5ala9t'hom:(

you might t3a6leen gably bs ana ra7 a3a6el forevevr inshallah!:p
well mo ferever since i want to akamel derasty inshallah:)

thank u honey, and good luck to u too:)

5/4 said...


Me too! cant wait ana ba3ad a3a6il m3a elstudents

well after them ib 10 days bas atleast aftak men reg3at owyohom

best of luck cupcake :***

Sumaiah said...

loool shaklech karhathom 7adech!:p

thank u honeeey:**