Friday, June 11, 2010

Laptop Drama

My stupid laptop is acting up, it's not starting up! And the problem is that I have a final paper due on the 15th oo kl she'3ly 3ala that stupid piece of crap!! I hate technology!:(


5/4 said...

omg magroooooooda
kilish mo waqta

cant bring a technician to get the files min elD drive or something??

Godless Saudi said...

you can solve this problem easily>
press Ctrl + smack your laptop.
just kidding :P

Sumaiah said...

I know! Technology hates me even more than I do hate it!:(
I left it with my cousin to find someone to fix it, shfaydeta a relative 3ayal:p
Bs 5ala9 I don't care etha te9ala7 wella l2! I was already planning on throwing it once I graduate lanna 5ala9 3afa el5a6er!:p
Let's hope that decatrety elmobde3een don't ask for anything that used to be on that piece of junk! Hatha eshay elwa7eed elly a7aty 9ara7atan!!
As for the paper, I have enough time to redo it inshallah:)

Godless Saudi:
Looooooool wallah I felt like it when I yesterday! But I wasn't that angry!! I'm kind of a pessimist shwaya so I kind of expect this crap to happen to me, I can't help but think of the worst case scenario!!
Oo thanks for passing by, feel free to come back:)