Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing Mesho

Mesho is the most important person in my life, so I thought that It's only normal that she gets a post. Mesho is my baby, well actually she's my baby sister, but she's not really a baby, she's 19!

Growing up I didn't have anyone to go to when I needed advice and guidance, and I didn't want her to go through that so I vowed that I'll be the sister that I never had to her. I do admit that I spoil her rotten, but I can't help but be over protective of her, and as hard as I try I can't stay mad at her for more than 5 minutes!

Enough with the introductions and let's get to know the girl who stole my heart. She's the youngest girl on the household (we're 6 girls in total, big family say mashallah:p), she's into animes and manga and all things Japanese, and she's planning to live in japan when she gets older and more independent financially. She loves the twilight saga (and is trying to win VIP tickets by solving crumbs challenge as I type this!) and she tends to giggle at the sight of Edward and Taylor (which is really fun to see:p). She almost always speaks before she thinks, which makes her sound stupid when she really isn't! She loves wearing black and she's the biggest drama queen that ever walked on earth. She loves food but can't even preheat the oven, which is my fault because when she asks for anything I get the recipe from the net and cook it for her. She makes the craziest facial expressions and noises. She could be the best person to be around or the worst depending on her mood. She has the craziest taste in friends, and she cares too much about what people think of her. I could write a whole book about her but everyone will lose interest so I'll just stop her. I could only end this by saying that she's my favorite person in this whole world and I love her the most:*


Vainglorious said...

Allah e5aleekum 7ag ba3ath inshallah ;*

This is the first time I pass by ur blog. I like it, keep it up ;)

Sumaiah said...

Ameeeen! Thank u honey:*

I like ur blog too but I can't view the comment box from my BB for some reason!:s

It's been a pleasure having u in my blog, don't hesitate to come again:)

5/4 said...

Allah yekhalekom 7ag ba3a'6 w ye7afethkom

But remember Mesho is your baby and I'm your soul twin ;)