Sunday, June 13, 2010

Incoherent Post

I'm trying to distract myself from thinking about Tuesday the 15th and the days separating me from graduating because every time I think of that I get the feeling that something bad is about to happen! So for the sake of my barely there sanity I want to run away from current day and go back to simpler times when I was plane crazy for no apparent reasons!:p

I had an operation not to long ago to remove my gall bladder but my wounds took ages to heal so my sister told me that she'll just remove my stitches at home bedal ma nroo7 wenred kel shway and I said ok because I hate doctors (she's a doctor too but she's my sister so I don't hate her as much:p)! So one day she told me tomorrow I'll remove ur stitches, and I was like yaaaaiy finally! But guess what, tomorrow came and she forgot her sucher kit! I was beyond angry so I went to my bathroom, brook my razor, took out one of the blades, and removed the stitches of one of the wounds on my own! I only stopped at one because I took out the stitches while the wound was still fresh (as my doctor called it!) And it took 3 more weeks to heel! But the good thing is that it lift a bad as scar!:p
My friends call me motawa7esha for a reason! But it's not my problem that I have impulses that I can't control!:p

On a none related point, I'm craving subways tuna sandwich like crazy, but the thing is I hate tuna!! It's smell, it's nasty pasty feeling in my mouth, I just utterly and totally hate it! But I'll go get me some soon because I'm worse than a pregnant lady, and if I didn't eat some tuna sandwiches hell will break loose!


5/4 said...

LOOOL shemlagfich 3ala hal stitches lool hope u learned ur lesson lady!

omg me too haman i was craving subway bas tuna?? omg a7esich 3etwiya =P

what do u usually order from subway?

Sumaiah said...

I just hate waiting for ppl to do things for me! I don't trust that they are competent enough, and I like things done my way!! Oo ba3dain she told me something then didn't do it, and I hate it when ppl do that! Are u kidding me, what lesson!!:p

Looooool me 3etweya! That's a new one!:p

I like steak with cheddar cheese roasted then I add letus, tomatoes pickles and jalapenoes, and for the sauces, southwest ketchup and mustered:)

Sumaiah said...

How do u like ur subway sandwich?

Godless Saudi said...

you need a drink. That's all you need!

Sumaiah said...

Drinking and studying doesn't mix well, so I'll just pass for now!:p
How do u take ur subway sandwich?

Godless Saudi said...

Trust me it does at least for some people. I like roast beef sandwiches with ranch toasted xD

Sumaiah said...

Well, I'm open for experiments! But it's not readily available so why even bother, right!!
Great choice:) said...

I love subway tuna sandwiches, and the seafood pink stringy stuff too.

But I usually order these two only because I get really stuck not knowing what to order, there's too much variety and too many combo's.

And then theres usually a massive queue, and the sandwich dude looks at you like "hurry up you moron, it can't be that hard".... aaah I can't handle the pressure.

The tuna and seafood sandwiches are the easiest things to go for :/ no salad no cheese no sauce no worries, no problem!

Oo 7imdillah 3ala salamtich, family doctors are the worst. What they wouldn't dare do to a "real" patient, they'll try out on you. Tmonoon 3ala ba3a'9, so ma3indhom moshkila using you as their guinea pig! LOL

Oo mabrook ilgraduation gabl ilza7ma.

Sumaiah said...

I've been planning to try the crab bs lal7een I don't have the courage. Loooool, next time try planning what u want to order beforehand:)

Thank u, Allah ysalmech:*
Looool 7adda! Youm 3a9abt 3alaiha for not removing my stitches oo forgetting her kit she brought a cutter, alcohol, a milga6, and some ge6en and she removed all the stitches Sumaiah way! I have a very high pain threshold so I didn't really mind, I just wanted to be over with the whole issue!

Thank u honey:**