Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garlic Head

Even though my head smells like a kitchen I can't help but be satisfied with what I achieved yesterday. I look at my room now and I actually can see floor, who would've thought that my room has a floor! And yes I know that I'm only half way through bs it's an achievement compared with what it used to be!
I also managed to not eat all day long, and stuck to three meals and 2 light snacks. After doing all of that I must've been high on achievement so I decided to a7e6 garlic on my hair because it's been falling like crazy, ma3ana I don't like putting smelly things on my hair! I thought that I would wash my hair and the stink will immediately go away, but boy was I wrong! I put bo5or and I even rubbed musk into my scalp but it still stinks!!
and what made it even worse is that I had to go to college today to get some signatures! Bs with the help of 6eeb, musk, bo5oor, and gahwa no one noticed the stink but me:)
I also got to watch Shrik which was ok, but not as good as the second one! So what have u all been doing these two days?


5/4 said...

LOOOL kilish mo shay =p

i have to clean my room! cant see the floor either

help me? LOL

Shrek bas khalas they should stop it.. they always have to ruin good movies with unnecessary sequels

Godless Saudi said...

garlic in your head wtf ?!

Sumaiah said...

Looool I know!!

Yallah come help me with the remaining mess, and in return I'll help u with urs!:p

7adda they should stop, and if they wouldn't u think that I simply won't watch, but I have to watch for some reason!!

Godless Saudi:
U wouldn't understand! I'm a 21 girl who's going bald, I'm welling to put anything that's going to help me stop that process!!