Monday, June 21, 2010


When does innocent flirting stop being innocent and become plain flirting? I ask this because I have this cousin who I love as a brother, and treat like a best friend, but recently that cousin have started to flirt in ways that didn't feel comfortable! I feel that it's going to get out of hand because I don't want to get involved with anyone, especially not him or any of my cousins lanna we're so close that I can't think of them as more than siblings!

So what do I do now! Do I stop talking to him via bbm? But if I did stop that might ruin our friendship! Plus I love talking to him because he's a funny guy, and I really need funny right now! I'm kind of hoping that I'm only imaging this, or that it's just how he talks with everyone!

I do admit that I some times flirt back but in a more subtle way and I really don't think that I made him cross the line because I know that some of you may think it! I never insinuated that I wanted more, and I don't believe that my flirting could've been interpreted as anything but innocent! Why do guy have to ruin everything? Why can't they be complicated and start viewing relationships as something that has layers!


5/4 said...

La hatha shaklah ma yen3a6a wayh (straight to the point 5/4, aren't we?)

Shaklah even when you flirt back a little ma3ana '3a9dich mo shay he'll jump into conclutions.

I say talk to him about it.. coz itghith elsalfa he won't get it no matter how many times you hint it..

Men 9ejech meni mako relationship loool

Sumaiah said...

What do I tell him? It's going to complicate things!

And what if he really talk this way with everyone! Shakly be9eer zbalaaaaaa! And then he'll tiptoe around me and everything will be ruined!

I don't have a lot of friends and I'm not keen on losing the little that I have! I'm really at loss and I have no idea what to do next!:(