Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I just came back from my final final! I think my sisters are preparing a surprise for me! I hope they have food because I'm very hungry:s

Now all I have to do is wait for my grades and then sign my e5la2 6araf then get my degree. But the most important question remains, to go to the college graduation or not to go! I think that our students committee will fuck it up, and I don't like a lot of the students that I go to school with so spending another day with them doesn't interest me much!
I want to throw my own party but my sister keeps telling me that it's too highschooly!! Bs etha dashat elfekra brasy I will do it lanna its my graduation so kaify!

What else what else! Nothing really, I'm just too hungry to think!


No3iK said...

must be exciting!
and best of luck on picking a college now thats a big decision

o inshalllah inshallah ull love the party ur sisters are throwing
share pics ;)

Godless Saudi said...

I wish you all the best. keep being successful :)

greak said...


Sumaiah said...

I just graduated from college:)

Loooool no one threw me anything it was a false alarm! I'll post pictures of my graduation party inshallah:)
Nawarty my blog, feel free to come again:*

Godless saudi:
Thank u for ur kind words:*

Thank u:)

5/4 said...

mabroooooook Yang =***

ur the best!!

Coconut said...

Wish you all the best :)

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feech ying:**
No ur the best:**

Allah ybarek feech:)
Thank u:*
Welcome to my blog, feel free to pass by again:)