Friday, June 25, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my laptop died on me, so I gave it to my cousin to fix it. What I didn't realize until yesterday was that my laptop is full of pictures, and not any pictures they're pictures of me in ehm.. Skimpy positions!! And to top it all, even though when I turned 20 I got rid of my porn stash I was stupid enough to keep one of the first movies that I had 3ashan madry it had sentimental values believe it or not!:p

So yesterday my cousin sent me an instant msg telling me to call him because he wants to talk to me ASAP but I wasn't at home so I told him that I'll call once I get home and I continued shopping. A couple of minutes later he was calling and the conversation went like this (hatha elmo5ta9ar elmofeed!:p):

B: *angry* "why is your laptop full of your pictures?"
Me: *acting all innocent as if she didn't know what he's talking about* "because it's my laptop! Ya3ny where else would I put my pictures?"
B: *getting frustrated* "how many times did I tell you to not keep pictures on your laptop?"
Me: *hoping that he only saw the decent photos* "why not put them on the laptop ya3ny what's going to happen! It's not the end of the world!!"
B: "no it isn't because I took your laptop to some one I trusted bs you could never be sure!"
Me: "I'm not going to stop my life because of crazy people out there! Ya3ny wetha besawe fehom shay so what! I didn't mean for them to be used that way and it's not my problem that there are plenty of twisted people around!"
B: *gave up on me* "la twagfeen 7ayatech yuba rasech salem! Bs ana agool chethy mn 5ofy 3alaich!"
Me: "ok, thank you but I really can't see the point!"

And that's ladies and gentlemen is what I call foug shainha oo gowat 3ainha! Because when I opened my laptop today I found the dreaded folder, so akeed the person who recovered all files have seen those pictures, and what's even worse is that my cousin has definitely seen them! 7ady feny bachwa, I feel so exposed! I took those pictures because I was bored and didn't have anything else to do! Ambay I don't know if I could look him in the eye again! The only positive outcome of all of this is that now I don't think that he'll ever flirt with me again lanna I'm not innocent Sumaiah anymore!:p

I try to joke only to mask the humiliation, bs it's not working!! Maybe I should forget about zwara, and that way I'll never see him again! I should probably delete him from my bbm too! Waaaaaaaiy eft why me ya3ny! 7ady '6ayeg 5elgy:(

Welly ebe6 echabd enna elly 9ala7 my laptop couldn't recover my documents! Ya3ny ma mena fayda I lost all my work! Ma teshai6ar ella 3alla my pictures!!


5/4 said...

مو القراده شلون صايره!

Sumaiah said...

لوول هقويتي أنا محتكرة القرادة كلها! و الله مادري أضحك واللا أبجي!!
Bs it's ok I'll get over it, what doesn't kill u only makes u stronger!:)

5/4 said...

Can you be more specific about 'skimpy'? LOL

I know it's not what I'm thinking about! You're a good girl Semo so I know it's not the 'skimpy' definition that my nasty brain is programmed to think about.


So forget it 7ada!! Khaywaaaloun besides eftakaytah menah I never liked him! A7esah 9aida.

TaZmaNiA said...

loool sorry you had to go thru all of this ;p but I sort of liked how you felt sentimental about ..... movie ;p

Sumaiah said...

Sheftay I spent too long building this image, nobody would believe that under the exterior lays a horny as hell girl! Now my image has been jeopardized!:(
Well I wasn't naked lanny I hate my body, bs fy parts of my body that I like so they were extenuated, its pretty provocative!

7aram 3alaich wallah yhabel! he's my favorite cousin bs lo ma 7arakata el2ar3a chan lal7een a7eba methel gabl! La and now this ya3ny 5ala9 I don't think that I could ever recover!!

I'm sorry about that too:(
Loooool you always remember ur first! And that was one of the firsts and it holds a special place in my heart! Ambay that sounds twisted!:p

Welcome to my humble place, hope to see you again:*

5/4 said...

Ok yebaynoon those parts.. bas wayhich yebayin too?

Sumaiah said...

Let's hope etha kan chalb oo he's going to use them, he'll just use them for his own pleasure mo for everyone's! Waaaaaaai3 that sucks, it's me we're talking about! And I'm not here for anyone's entertainment!:(

5/4 said...

You need to tell you stupid cousin to talk to him.


Sumaiah said...

L2 NEVER!! Shagola! Ester 3allan bent 5altek el mosh walla bod! Ambay I feel so cheap!:(

He's not stupid I'm stupid for fixing that piece of junk! I don't want to use it ever again! It doesn't even look like my laptop anymore! He changed my background, and my desktop has two rows of programs that I'll never use instead of choking with documents that I spent time effort and blood on!:(

5/4 said...

EMBALA! Tell him to ask him about those photos and he must make sure he'll never do anything with them.

Khaywali ohwa he brought it up to you. So he probably talked to him about it.

Sumaiah said...

I can't, wallah I can't start to even consider that conversation!!

7aram 3alaich madam oho elly brought it up ya3nny I think he already took care of it! He has my back wallah he's like a big brother to me, inshallah I'm just blowing things out of proportions oo he just took care of everything and that's why he was angry that day! People just don't expect me to do this, I look to aleefa to be disturbed!

5/4 said...

That's what I think too.

Coz a true man would take action so he probably spoke to him about it.

Consider this a lesson for you and now you learned from it.

DAMN girl!

Sumaiah said...

Looooool I know! I really learned my lesson! Now I'll keep my pictures on my mobile!:p
Basy gewe shasawe!:p said...

why dont you just backup your stuff on an external hard drive? you still get to be naughty minus the stress.

Sumaiah said...

I know enna I should've done that bs I have a stand against all hard disks and flashes for some reason! Wallah I don't remember why I hate them bs I know that I do!:p
I'll do that belmosta8bal inshallah:)