Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Sumayo na'6fy darech tyeeb emara'6 beye6la3 feha feran!"
Me: 5al at5araj awal!

"Sumayo 9ayra eshmetnech meta bte'63efeen? Enty meno ga3d t3andeen ya3ny!"
Me: ma ga3d a3aned a7ad, sekto 3any al7een 5al at5araj 3gb 7achony!

"Sumayo mn zeman ma sawaity cheese cake"
Me: esta'3fer allah!!

Sumayo this, sumayo that, I don't want to hear that name again!! What scares me is what if I still couldn't achieve what's being asked of me even after I graduate! And what scares me even more is that I don't do good this semester and not graduate!!

I've had to fulfill everyone's expectations all the time, and even when I had the courage to break away from family's demands, I have to fulfill doctor's expectations, friend's expectations, and first of all my expectations! I hate feeling like a failure all the time!!:(


5/4 said...

Baby you're not a failure :*

Do whatever you can and don't push yourself to the limits. Let them talk, they talk about me all the time nafsich, clean my room, lose weight "bas etyam3een games mat3arfeen te6bekheen" some even call me loser.

I don't care coz I know I'm doing my thing w mali sheghel ib a7ad so ma7ad lah she'3el feni.

Do your best aham shay tetkharejaain and your room tetratab meta ma tabeen, 7eta lw ye6la3 feha rats. Why should you care?

Just focus on what makes you happy wil graduation wil teachers, gelt lich la etwarenhom enich weak w they become demanding.. be BOSSY!!

I'm positive you'll succeed you're a smart girl w 7adich adorable w cutie pie I believe in you

Love u :*****

Sumaiah said...

Thank u:*
U don't know how much I value ur kind words!ur doing what no one else ever thought about, ur giving me the time of day and I'll forever love u for that:*

I'm kind of scared of rodents, so let's just hope that nothing but me lives in my room!:p

I will try to be bossy, I will try to not care about what other say, I will try to be tough, and I will try to be ok:)

Love u too honey:**