Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photo Post

I feel random, so random you shall get!:p

College gear:

Laptop bag (AKA the brick): mn kether mahy thgela nobody volunteers to yshelha for me ella my baby brother 3amoor 7abeby:*

My Laptop: i will never set hand on it once i graduate!



My beloved bag: minimum of 2 statments:p

What's inside my bag! yes there's a baby's bottle, its my cousin's I forgot it mn elyem3a! his mom has been looking for it ever since!:p

Shoes: being a girl doesn't automatically make you girly!!

More shoes: i drew this for a class that i took a long time ago, I'm not always that good la testansoun!

Baby meeeeee: who dares say that I'm not cute! A bit Depressed but cute none the less! A7ebneeeeee:**

Loool I think that I'm Losing my mind!!:p


greak said...

nice sketch

Sumaiah said...

thank u:)
it's the best that i ever made, but the doctor gave me a C 3alaiha because she said that i couldn't have done it by myself!! bitch!:(

5/4 said...

loving the sketch 7arakat ya entay ;)

eldr khal yerou7 yemot lw he sees my sketch i will draw him a zanoo6a arangefah feha, i will tell him it reminds me of his face

LOL ur pic w entay yahil 7adich emya2sa

shino u dont have high heels @@

Sumaiah said...

looool thank u 7abebty:**

shefty shloun!! madry shkanow ysawoon feny elly chethy ta3esa!:p

a5er marra sharait heels was in high school!! i wear them in special ocasions only oo allah y3afy 5awaty, they have plenty!

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