Saturday, May 15, 2010

Me All Over Again

One of my younger cousin's turning into the teenager that I used to be, and believe me that's not a good thing! You see, I was a neglected child, I wasn't abused or anything I was just never taken care of. So as I grew older and became a teenager I did every bad thing that a teenager could do to get noticed. I self injured, I smoked, I did cocktail drugs, I rebelled and didn't study (coming from a family of over achievers that was the biggest betrayal). All my efforts went down the drains since no one looked hard enough to see the signs. Thankfully, I grew up and learned that no one will ever care about me but me, so I stopped (kindda! I'm only human so don't judge!!).

So now going back to my cousin who's a preteen right now, she's neglected and showing most of the signs so what should I do! Do I adopt her emotionally! But how when I'm emotionally crippled myself! Do I tell her mom that she's ruining her! I really can't because I had a touch with her when I was an angry teenager and our relationship never went back to normal, and even if we were cool how do you tell a mom that she's fucking up her daughter!

The thing is that the girl is very nice and I'd really hate to see her go through what I went through. I don't want her feeling like a failure, someone who's not worthy of being cared for, because that's what neglected children always feel like. So what should I do?


5/4 said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sumaiah said...

Ooooooowh, thank u! I love u too:)
But u didn't tell me what should I do!!