Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things Only I Would Say

Situation #1
There was a show yesterday where they showed a 4 year old aerobics trainer, so when the girl started the training session every one was like "how cute", "I want one", and all of that crap. Half way through the segment I with all my glory said "change the channel this kid is creeping me out, she looks like a tiny person!" then I realized that children are tiny persons, who knew!:p

Situation #2
A txt conversation between me and my aunt:
Me: ta5theny mn elkoleya?
Lailo: la t7awleen
Me: laish 7aram 3alaich! Ana bentech bel2ejbar 9ert mas2oletech!:p
Lailo: yallah al7een yayetech kesarty 5a6ry
Me: waaaaaiy salem galbha oo 5alha ly ya rab:*
The thing is that my aunt is not married and she's not old enough to have a daughter my age!

Situation #3
After a long trip to EPA which resulted in nothing of interest this conversation took place between me and my project partner:
Me: I saw a movie a long time ago of two guys wanting to kill there room mate because their school's policy says if a friend of them dies they automatically get an A in all courses taken at that semester
3alia: really!
Me: I don't know but that's what happened! Do you think that KU has the same policy?
3alia: I don’t know!
Me: It'll be cool if they did though! Would you kill yourself for me?
3alia: la Sumaiah ma etefa8na 3alla chethy!
Me: What if I killed you; will you have a problem with that?
3alia: What do you think!
Me: Ok then, maybe we should just work on the stupid report!
3alia: I'm afraid so
Ever since that conversation we keep talking about suicide and murder planes when we don't get something done in time!

Its nice how people after knowing me for sometime start to familiarize themselves with a certain amount of craziness and weird, it's just easier to have a "don't ask, don’t tell" attitude around me! I might have issues and drama, but I also have fun and craziness at the same time, and I'm grateful to the small population that’s welling to live with my flaws:)

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