Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Messy Situation

I've always been a messy person and I've always felt that by allowing some mess into my room I'm making it more personal, a representation of the messy life that occupies it. Living with a certain level of mess never hurts anyone, but right now my room have reached a new level of mess that it no longer could be recognized as a room! And the problem is that I want to clean it up a bit but every time I go there I feel that no effort will get that thing in order. I know that I only have to gather the energy to actually start the exhausting job and then it will get easier but I just cant well myself to do so.

As I describe the current state of my room I can't help but see the resemblance between it and my life, and how I need to find the energy to clean up my acts. Why dose every thing have to be easier said than done! Why can't I magically be ok! I will be triumphant I know, I just need time which I can't afford!

What's funny is that I allowed my room to get that bad but yesterday when the stupid barada started leaking and dripping on the fridge, electricity, and soaking the rug underneath it I spent 2 hours lifting the fridge getting the water cooler out of my way lifting the water bottle from place to place then scrubbing the rug until my hands got raw and I couldn't scrub any more! Then I asked my sister to clean the fridge and then I put it back in its original place and threw the water cooler and bottle out and brought some air freshener back and sprayed the room so that I wont even sense 5mora with my super active nose! What I'm trying to say is that I don’t know why I obsessed about the water spell, congratulation I'm starting to scare myself! I feel that after all of that lifting that I could be the next strongest woman!

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