Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Glimmer of Hope

As a part of our internship course we went in a field trip to lo2lo2at el5airan, which was the most fun I had since I could remember. The trip going to the site was boring so I spent it reading my novel ("she's come undone" which I loved! It saddens me that I saw some of me in the crazy girl!), but once we got there I was so excited and overwhelmed that for a while I stopped hating the guys!:p
We were welcomed as we arrived by the costal eng. Of the project lead us to the meeting room were he showed us part of a 2 part documentary that discovery channel made on the project which will be out pretty soon. Then he started talking about the environmental aspects of the project, and for the first time in my life I saw environmental awareness! Those guys started with an environment that had 200+ species and now after the operation of the project they now have 700+ species and going up! They're trying to not only maintain the current environment but to improve it as well by introducing natural ways of purifying the sea and by that they're making it cost-friendly as well. Looking at the pure water in there and the magnificent plantations made me wish that no one ever lives there! Because I know that with people's lack of knowledge and their ignorance they will ruin what those guys have been developing for years in less than a week.
And now I have to go back to reality and work on my stupid capstone project:(


ba6alah said...

lol sheday7 7ailech it's good to see you happy and having some hope . Good luck in your project :]

Sumaiah said...

yeah it was much needed, thank you:)