Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dr. Super Star

As I mentioned before, I'm taking a training course in KISR and since the start of the course we've studied with a lot of great instructors, but todays doctor beets them all. He was very energetic and active in a good way (not in a "my doctor is on redbull" way). He was funny and knew what he was talking about, but most important of all is that even though we sat there for three hours with only three 5 minute breaks in between we weren't bored and at the end of the lecture we could've answered any question about the material covered. And to top it all, he kept calling us super stars and kept complementing us and bragging to other doctors about how clever we are. I'm really honored to have attended a class with that great person, and I hope that KU recognizes people like him who actually know what they're talking about to teach at the university instead of the ancient morons who just come and read from a slideshow as if we can't read on our own in the comfort of our places!

The funniest thing happened when he asked me "if we want to write an attribute table for college administration, what information should be included in the table", I instantly answered "GPA" so he paused for a second then said "well, we normally start with the name first then we conceder the rest". So there you have it, another person who thinks I'm weird welcome aboard Dr. Super Star!:p

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