Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disaster Strikes

Yesterday I had a midterm which I couldn't study for (I believe that I'm having a student's block!), so I decided to be honest and go to my instructor and explain my situation. Knowing that the doctor regards me as one of his favorite students I thought that he will understand that I wouldn't have ever attended an exam without studying if it wasn't serious and that he'll just let me get away with the hope of feeling better in the near future, but boy was I wrong! He told me that there's nothing he can do and that I have to take the exam, and that it would've been easier for me to get out of this if I just lied and brought a forged doctor's excuse! I know that he respects rules and regulations and it's against his believes to go against them, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Maskeen he tried to make me feel better by telling me that the exam is very easy and that I wouldn't have any problem with solving it, but I was beyond reassurance and kept telling him that I'm going to do bad (which I did!) and that I really didn't want to take the exam. And to make matters worse, I'm PMSing so when I realized that there's no getting out of this mess I just cried (I'm normally put together and I hate showing emotions) and told him to leave me alone, need I tell you how awkward it was! And even after the outburst I still had to go to class and take the exam, and then I went to the waste management conference and he was there and I wanted the earth to split open and just swallow me whole! I am beyond embarrassed of what happened yesterday and I don't know how I'm going to face the doctor next class. Maybe I should quit school, who needs a degree after all!


ba6alah said...

hehehe mako ela el 3afya inshallah o I think he will help you o ebya36ech daraja zaina bel emte7an even if you didn't do well .

Good luck

Sumaiah said...

no he wont bs it's ok waht doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right! he's giving us the results today so allah yaster i really don't want to break in public!