Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bearing Witness

As I read of an unjust world in one of my novels I stumbled upon this statement "bearing witness", we live in a dog eat dog place were survival of the fittest is the main rule, and we make the mistake of not looking out for the little ones, the poor, the misfortunate. Yes I am part of world that don't give a damn, but the difference between me and the next person in line is that I'm starting to understand that I've been blinded by the glamour of my own life that I never stopped to marvel at the despair of others. I'm starting to realize that the world does not revolve around poor Sumaiah and her daily dilemmas of unsolved homeworks and unkempt rooms, and that I have been living in the shadow of my own deceit of trying to convince myself that I alone can't change what's happening, but now I know that even so at least I am making an effort. I will no longer look the other way when I see some harm being done, I will pay attention to what's wrong in the universe and will point it out not in the cynical or sarcastic way that I'm used to but in a way that will make other people notice. I Sumaiah Hussain am bearing witness to the corruption, suffering, and degradation that's taking place around me until one day I'm qualified enough to make a real difference. Who knows, maybe I'll be the Kuwaiti Gandhi, at the rate of my hair loss I'll be bald in no time!:p


ba6alah said...

shaklech qarartay tanzelen 7ag el entekhabat ?? :p

Sumaiah said...

majles el2oma is a sham that helps the alpha dogs stay on top and makes sure that the weak stays weak, i wouldn't want to be a part of that not now and not ever!
plus, i dont have a last name that will qualify me as “suitable” for such a charade!

I’m just stating the obvious here, nothing more and nothing less!