Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alien Invasion

KISR have just employed two guys in the department that we're training in, so now they're training with us and we totally hate them! One of them is ok bs ethany maleee8 magdar at8abala, and the engineer who's training us now lets them do all the work and expects us to just watch. I didn't go there to observe and I don't mind getting my hands dirty so why does he think that it's ok to give the boys all the work and leave us doing nothing! La wezyada 3alla hatha lamma y5ale9 shar7 he's like "ashofkom el5amees inshallah" then he turns to the boys and starts chatting, come on ya3ny what the fuck!

Now that I got it out of my system I want to go to solitary! I believe that by being in that show you get to know yourself the best. Think about it, you have all the time to be alone which gives you time to know yourself, you get to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and by that you establish your limits, your constantly challenged so you get to know your strengths, and you need to use intelligent too to win the "treatments". You can't find any better situation to know who you really are, mo! Val I really want to be in solitary!

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