Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I Don’t Want Children

I don’t have children of my own, but I have a lot of theories concerning children based on my nephews and cosines. During my life time I witnessed the birth of dozens of children in my family, and I came to realize that children ruin everything they touch!! They ruin their mother's body, life, mental well being, and eventually her well to live. And if by a freaky twist of nature they were angelic children, there is the issue of parents ruining their children's life! Because as I noticed, not all parents want what's for the best of their children and even if they did there's still a chance of them getting it horribly wrong! And even if the child was lucky enough to have it all, she/he would eventually grow up and have to face the world, and as we all know it's not a great place out their! Why would anyone want to be in this world that we live in! Hell, why would anyone want to bring another innocent life into this world! That’s only me talking, but I believe that I have point!
I'm tired and i need to sleep:(


greak said...

wow you are full of negative power. u r like a nuclear reactor of negative energy. chill out, do some thing you like, or listen to a music you love, if theres any that is.
children are emotional and none-judgmental creatures, thats what makes them innocent. that what makes all,sane, ppl around them feel joy, compassion, and love. and u dont want ppl to have children and say this is a bad world no dont bring them. it is a bad world cuz u want it to be a bad one, u want it to be bad so that u get to feel like a victim here. u want to be alone, depressed and EMO cuz of that wicked feeling which u r feeding it by saying those negative things. and so that you can sleep happy thinking u have done something, well u dont. nice labels by the way. children, theory?? OMG what is wrong with you ??

Sumaiah said...

Why so aggressive honey!! We're talking about me here! I didn't tell you to not have children I just said that I don’t want any! I didn’t mean to offend you in any ways and it's not my problem that you took it so personally!
And I'm not negative I'm just realistic and I refuse to think fuckitively, I mean positively for your sake! You see mister this is MY place and I'm going to tell MY story, and talk about MY believes so if you don’t like it feel free to never come back! And please stop putting words in my mouth, I never said that I'm a victim, I hate people who complain about everything that’s putting them down and how they cant do anything right because the world is standing in their way, and even though I do complain a lot I never blame anything and anyone for anything that happens in my life! Stop stereotyping and judging because by that you will only prove to people that you're an insecure little boy who just can't do any better!

ba6alah said...

Don't forget that you were a child but it seems you hate even your self and that's really bad i hope you will get better and see the world from different side , pursuit of Happiness Sumaiah :]

Sumaiah said...

Yes I was a child and that’s why I know that children can't defend themselves and no one is there to defend them, they're innocent creatures that don’t deserve to go through what they go through!
I am not sick so that you wish that I get better, I just don’t like children and I don’t see that as a crime! I don’t need fixing, I'm not broken, and I have the right to make a choice! And I am pursuing happiness thank u very much!

greak said...

you are entitled to your point of view just like lil' boys are.
now, your so called theory is based on a subjective view, you had a troubled child hood, or saw troubled children, your nephews and nieces. so, it is not realistic. Your not a Doctor right? I mean you didn'y do a research which concludes that "Children will ruin us and this is a bad world" I really hope a child would never look up to you or he'll turn into a serial killer, a psycho, or a cashier at McDonald's. Yeah the world is not Eden or even hell, and you are not helping.
Insecurity? me? at least all my friends and family members know about my blog. are you scared about them knowing ur dark side?
me insecure?
didnt you say "My dad is driving me crazy, I want to kill him"
and " no one knows me! Different people know different versions of me"<<< that post is sad :(
and "I hate being touched, every time anyone touches me I feel like ripping their heads off"
you are a scary person, even for lil' boys like me, amusing though . pretty amazing how your nerve system works I think the new Terminator model #T5000 will be based on you or at least your Theories. It will be a monster even Arnold would say " Geeet OUUUUUUUT"
I guess ur nex post is
Penguins are the reason behind the global warming.

realistic ppl see the half cup full, realistic ppl dont say theories based on human beings, this is not science . This is you saying something subjective with no proof or evidence . you complain a lot cuz you wanna satisfy a certain dark urge inside u. you post stuff on ur blog for ppl to see, even lil' ones, so don't say "Dont Judge me" when you are going berserk on the world all the time. again you are entitled to your view just like everyone else is entitled to reply.

Sumaiah said...

I never claimed that I'm a researcher or that I' m allah and my words are like elquraan, I was just talking about something that I observed! I am not a doctor im an environmentalist and no penguins are not the cause of global warming, you are (people are)! And who told you that all doctor are good researchers of human behaviors, and as I recall I never claimed to be so!
Yes I am dark, sad, bitter, and a bet too full of myself, but I am a good person. You could say whatever you want about me I don’t care, you don’t know me so what you're saying doesn’t account for anything because guess what.. ur being subjective!
WOW a movie character based on me, that is something to look forward to:)
Realistic people see things as they are, "think positively" people see the half full cup. And I complain to vent because bottling up leads to explosion! And I might be a psycho after all, because for some reason I'm loving being bashed! Or maybe I love it because I'm getting a chance to defend myself! Any ways, thank you for spicing up my day:)

bo6abesh said...

i agree with u that many parents ruins the life of their children’s..bas 3ala fekra ((3asa an takraho shay’an wahowa khayron lakom))

u were wondering in ur post and u said ((Why would anyone want to be in this world that we live in! Hell, why would anyone want to bring another innocent life into this world! That’s only me talking))

its destiny oo shay maktoob..el suffering wel happiness from allah ..so when we r happy we thank god 3ala hal ne3ma…and if we r suffering na9ber oo allah kareem coz maybe fee 7ekma min el mawthoo3 la yesta3yel el wa7ed in his conclusion 

I think of it chithe,,any bad thought, experience and event is a test from god and I always a9ber 3ala ma balani oo keep faith in him because he can change every thing. fee 7adeeth allah sob7ana wata3ala ygool feeh
انا عند حسن ظن عبدى بى

I like it very much oo im trying my best to apply it in my life 
Adrey garagt wayed specially that im not religious lecturer ,,,only sharing experiences 

Sumaiah said...

la 3addy feel free to tagreg in my blog. Yes I believe that we should na9ber oo ne7teseb el2ajer and el7emdellah I have faith in Allah's plan but some times it feels like too much and I just need to talk about it and vent that’s all! and thank u for not attacking me:)

Minskore said...

I couldn't agree more with Sumaiah. It's interesting how the world takes so much offense when someone chooses to not have children. What ever happened to personal choice? Don't we all get to choose the lifestyle we want? Some choose to be parents and some choose not to. Why isn't it ok for someone to make the personal choice not to have children?

The majority of people who have children, while most of them do love their kids, they regret having had them in the first place and readily agree had they given their lives and future more thought they'd likely have chosen not to have children.

The problem is, society doesn't present "child-free" as a lifestyle option for young men and women. It's commonly expected that when two young people get married they will automatically have kids. Why are we forcing that on people? Young people should be taight in schools at a young age that being a parent is just one option for their future, but that being child-free is also another option.

They should be given a fair and objective picture of what the lifestyle might look like if they have kids and if they don't have kids, the pro's and con's of eah choice. And then let those young people grow up ready and able to make a wellinformed and educated choice about what they want in their lives.

I'm sick and tired of people and society assuming and forcing and pressuring parenting on people. We all get to choose the lifestyle we want. You want kids, go have the and good luck to you. If you are smarter and see the disadvantages of in that, then you are completely free to choose a child-free life.

Stasticially, child-free people become more financially secure, life more exciting lives, have more freedom to go places and do things and contribute to society in ways that some parents can't.

I've seen way too many people have kids and become very unhappy as a result. The problem is, parenting consumes their lives, and they lose their own identity and their own selves, and they become just someone's parent....how can that not destroy a human being.

If people would learn to balance they'd likely be more happy as parents. Maintain their own identities, still be parent, but not let it be ALL that they are, and enjoy the many faucets of life.

Good luck to everyone, regarless of the path they choose. I for one have chosen the child-free lifestyle and have never regretted it and everyone around me is envious of my life and jealous that they didn't make the same choice.