Saturday, March 6, 2010

Publish or Perish

My sisters recently discovered that I have a blog and they're pressuring me to give them the URL but I don’t want them to read it, so one of them asked me why post if they're not allowed to read. It's simple really, I'm the type of girl that never talks personal, never let any one in, and just keep to herself, and it hit me that no one knows me! Different people know different versions of me, but no one knows the me me, so it was a matter of publish or perish! I feared that if I kept on this pace that I will end up forgetting who I am, that one day I might be some one who I don’t know, or worst, some one that I don’t like!! And since I can't talk to people I will keep on publishing it on the net even if it was only for me to read, and maybe some day someone else will come to know me! So here you go, Sumaiah was here!


bo6abesh said...

umm...i disagree with u sis
maybe this is the obburtunity to let them know u better through ur posts ....a friend of mine have a blog and he refused to share it with me...but after alot of 7anna finally i reached his blog and look what i found!...a 180 degree totaly diffirent person

really el blogging yfajer 6aqat el bloger nafsah,,,but why blogging if u dont want any one u know to read it!?...ur posts could be helpful 2 them by the way ;)

for me when i started blogging...the first thing i did is to announce it through sisters and the first reaction on my posts were (looool)!,,,,which is a different reaction than my real charecter elly ta36ey in6eba3 inny wayed serious oo racmy ;)

greak said...

I was gonna say the exact same thing<<< EEE haien

Sumaiah said...

bo6abesh: they had plenty of opportunities to know me in the past 21 years why should have to spoon feed them information about myself!

in real life i'm the giggly polite girl, if people knew how i really feel on daily bases it will complicate life, they will tiptoe around the depressed and angry girl inside and i really dont want that to happen!

greak: great minds think alike!:p

ba6alah said...

Viva Sumaiah :] do what ever you want and makes you happy

Sumaiah said...

that's exactlly what i'm planing to do:)

Lovesick American Girl In Kuwait said...

This is just my opinion - if my close friends or family read my blog and I knew about it, I would be done... I wouldn't be able to write without second guessing and worrying and censoring myself and that's the reason that I write in the first place - to learn how to be honest with myself about how I feel. Anonymity allows me to express more. So, I think there are some things you should just do for yourself, don't feel pressured to give them the info :P

Sumaiah said...

Exactly! They're being so selfish considering their needs over mine! But don't worry if there's anything that they know about me, it's that they can't pressure me to do something that I don’t want t do!