Saturday, March 20, 2010

Missing Out on the Movie Experience

I know that I must be the last person to go to "Alice in Wonder Land" and it saddens me to say that it didn't live to its reputation. I mean it had some good parts here and there but overall it was pretty average! Anyways, this is not what I want to talk about, what I want to talk about is who I went to the movie with. We (me and my sisters) stupidly decided to go to the movie with my aunties and cousins; we were 11 in total coming from 5 different locations (drama drama drama) so you could imagine how long it took us to get to the cinema (we were the last people to get there but still kaifna we're awesome:p). all the delay caused me to miss my movie ritual, salt popcorn and pepsi, taking the best seat, watching the coming soon movies trailers, and just chilling on my seat waiting for the movie to begin to inappropriately comment on everything. Instead, we entered the theater with the beginning of the movie, we were so late and I didn't get my popcorn, they gave me the worst seat (bitches!), by the time that I got to my seat I was so sick of their 7anna that I just wanted to go home, and when I finally started to andemej with the movie I didn't have anyone to share my inappropriate remarks with (they gave me the alley seat and my eldest sister sat next to me and she's a mom which is so not cool)! This is the last time that I'll even conceder going out with them, they ruined my ritual!
If you have any movie rituals please do share them with me:)


bo6abesh said...

rule number 1 : never go to a movie weya someone not same as u ...coz 3adi oo ana mendemij wa7ed ye6la3 ib mola7atha malha sheghel bel maq6a3 :P

i have a uniqe habit i dint think someone share it with me which is i finish my popcorn,nachoz and chocolate on trailer period :P

ba6alah said...

lol elmohim ena you were awesome

Sumaiah said...

bo6abesh: lol i always drink all of my pepsi on trailer period and work my way through the popcorn 6ool elfilm then wana 6al3a i'm always super thursty!:p

ba6ala: that's exactly what i thought:p