Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growing Up With the Doctors!

If you love "the Doctors" (the TV show) then you would've loved living in my house! I have 3 sisters and one brother who are doctors, and since the bingeing of their studying period and until now the have these debates about new treatment, they discuss cases that they treated this week, they ask for guidance with cases that they're having trouble with, and they do all of that in the living room where we're supposed to set and relax! Right now we're down to two since we married off the first two (thanks be to Allah!), but still from time to time we get some of the Doctors action! It's not like I totally hate their ritual, on the contrary I kind of enjoy hearing about the variety of diseases that they treat (since we have a radiologist, family medicine student, an OB/GYN, and a trainee whose doing it all right now), but some times it gets to be too much! And don’t you find it annoying that doctors always think of them selves as gods "those are your doctors orders follow them with no questions asked!", I have authority issues and I don’t take orders from nobody thank you very much!


ba6alah said...

lol mashallah 4 doctors bel bait ?! shino omich metnasya ef Panadol ? J/K :] Ethaher el waled lama khe6ab omich 7alef Ena Yefta7 Mestashfa ! :] , allah eykhalekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah weyzawej el bajeen 3ashan teftakain also J/K ;]

Sumaiah said...

lool wayed 3jebtik esalfa! la wezyada 3alla hatha, kent badesh 9aidala 3ashan akamel esalfa bs i rebelled against my family oo dashait shay mala 9ela be6eb! but now i realized enny i love 9aidala so maybe lama a5ale9 derasa a5eth thanaweya 3ama mara thanya wadesh 9aidala:)
Allah yesma3 menek, wayed msawelena drama belbait! bs drama is good some times:p

bo6abesh said...

mashalla allah ykhalekom 7ag ba3ath :)

mo shkilat el doctors inhom they feel that ur Dr'z ib kil shay :P
while kil wa7ed Dr in his way of living :)

Sumaiah said...

ameen, thank u:)
ee oo ba3dain eyoon yetfalsefoun 3alaina!!
yallah bs 3al2a8al msawelena jaw:)

zinzinplanet said...


It bothers me when I dun get what the hell they're talkin' 'bout!!