Sunday, March 28, 2010

Graduating is Turning Me into a Monster!

I can't wait to graduate! I used to love college and studying, but thanks to our shitty department that isn't the case any more! This semester is supposed to be my last, and while I should be happy that I'll finally getting out of that hell whole but I'm not! I'm just tired from the load that I'm taking on, the emotional crap, maidany crap, graduation project crap, family blessing, and bad relationships!
Everybody's advising me to drop one or two courses if it's getting to be too much, but I'd hate to stay any longer! Even the maidany which I used to love (I'm taking a training course at KISR) is starting to get on my nerves! I can no longer take a three hour lecture every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! When are we going to do some field work! What's keeping me going is the cute instructors, the good learning material, the great opportunity of proving myself, and my GPA, I worked so hard to maintain it and I'd hate to see it crash in the end!
I also noticed that I've developed an immense hatred towards elmostajedat, I honestly cannot tolerate them! Wallah they depress me, they never have anything good to do! They just set laugh and eat belestera7a all day long! I only go to lestera7a when I have too much to do and I'm too fed up with the library, and to be greeted by the same faces with the same annoying laughter and smiles is plain annoying. I know that I'm cranky and bitter but I have all the right to be, I was here first I know how it works and I hate how clueless they are, someone needs to give them a reality check pronto!


bo6abesh said...

na9e7aat okhoo...enjoy el jam3a as much as u can coz really u will miss it :) i graduate on jan 2007 oo i really miss el jam3a oo mallait min el sheghel that why am attending MBA now...
oo 3ala fekra i had the same feeling as urs when i was bel jam3a :P

Sumaiah said...

too much drama happend here, and though i would'nt exchange it for the world i just cant take it any more! it's just too painful!
dont worry i'm not planing to work yet! i'm going to study to be a pharmacist:)
so it's safe to say that all graduates are monsters!

ba6alah said...

hehehe good luck , I wish i can study again :r

Sumaiah said...

thank u:)
go ahead, what's stoping u then!