Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fairy Tale… Think Again!!

" once upon a time, in a land far far away…" that’s how we were taught about life, love and hate, war and peace, values and ethics, but the thing is that we were taught the life of a fairy tale only to grow up in a world that knows nothing of fairy tales!!
I'm not a pessimist or anything like that, but no one can deny that this world is too much of a hassle, were you study so hard only to watch others get the best grade, and even if you got the top grade others will get the best job, and afterwards u work so hard but never get promoted! This kind of stuff hurt when your young, but we grow old and get numb realizing that this world is not what we were taught and we adapt, after years of fighting and emotional damage, we finally adapt and start living under the influence, of reality, that is!
But no matter how much we fight this world is all we have, and as much as I'd rather choose another place, that’s not an option. But we do have a choice! We have a choice between accepting our life as it is while trying to make the best of it, or we live an angry life fighting for a lost cause!
And in the end, "life doesn't have to be good to feel good" that's what I always say, you have a choice of feeling good in spite of anything that’s happening in this world, so just be ok (and I say ok because happiness is hard to come so some times it's ok to just be ok!) try to smile, I'm not saying that every thing will be peachy perfect, but it might make u feel better for a while.
I'm trying to be positive in here, cut me some slack!


bo6abesh said...

"life doesn't have to be good to feel good"
true and i agree 100%

we should look to what we already have...many of us are seeking the best life either financially or socially and when they reach what they want, they could loose someone they love or 9a7at'hom allah la ygola!....we shouldnt press pause to our lifes until we reach somthing...coz time and age never comes back :)

great post by the way

Sumaiah said...

exactly! Moshkelatna mako 8ana3a!!
thank you:)

ba6alah said...

The World In Ur Eyes ? :P

Sumaiah said...

Ok now lets get this out of the way ASAP because it's starting to get on my nerves! Anything that I write is based on my opinions and believes alone, they have no scientific background neither are they researched its just me talking! So yes that's how I see the world!