Saturday, March 13, 2010


I miss cooking and the serenity that I get after making a batch of cookies or simply mashed potatoes. A couple of months ago our oven knob broke (the one with the degrees) and when my daddy got it fixed he didn't bother to tell the guy to install one that has the degrees on, so now I cant make most of my therapeutic recipes (therapeutic to make since I don’t like eating something that I made for some reason)! So I decided to fight my dads lack of respect to my demand by going on strike until my demands are being met (I want a new oven now a change of knob will not satisfy me)! So now I can't vent by cooking and people are nagging me to either make them cheese cakes, oatmeal cookies, chicken noodles, cupcakes and god only knows what else! I thought that I could handle it at first but now I think that if anyone tells me to make them something I might marinate their lifeless corps cook it then feed it to my dad!:p
But I'm daddy's little girl, his legacy so I'm as hard headed as he is (if not more), and I don’t see myself cooking anytime soon (god help me!)! And now all because of this post I'm craving mashed potatoes (the only thing that I cook and actually eat), and talking about cooking is making me nostalgic so I'll just shut up!


bo6abesh said...

ma adrey lish 7assait inch fannana bel ((chicken noodles)) coz yabela mazaj hal 6abaQ :P~

for specialist in making ((Loya eggs))and chaai 7aleeb bas hatha 7addy

7elw inna fe nas te6bakh hal ayam...i feel that after 10 years no one will know how to make harees in irmothan :)

good luck with ur strike and i hope that ur demands will be met :)

Sumaiah said...

loool it's my sister's favorite dish, so i had to perfect it out of love:)

loya eggs sounds good, now i'm craving bai'6 oo za3tar!!

unfortunately i don't know how to make kuwaiti food yet!! but i'm trying to find time to learn it from my aunt:)

thank u, and inshallah they will soon:)

ba6alah said...

I'm hungry

Sumaiah said...

i'd cook for you if i had an oven!:p