Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Annoying Touchy People

I hate being touched, every time anyone touches me I feel like ripping their heads off! Being touched makes me feel vulnerable and violated, invaded, and forced into something that I don’t want to do! And the problem is that people think that I'm kidding when I say that I don’t like being touched, or worst, forget about it! Ya3ny is it that hard to keep ur hand to ur selves! I don’t want to change for people's sake, and I refuse to be touched! I just hate people oo 5ala9!
A message to all the annoying touchy people in my life: STOP TOUCHING ME BITCHES!


greak said...

ba6alah said...

hehehe calm down

Sumaiah said...

greak: loool i should have this as my ringtone!
thanks for passing here:)

ba6alah: wallah it's not fair for people to asume that it's ok! and what kills me is that i cant pull away from their touches because then i'll come out as rude!!!

Lovesick American Girl In Kuwait said...

What a very interesting blog you have here :) Really, it's refreshingly honest and real and I can totally identify with a lot of your anxieties, even though I'm a bit old than you :P There is absolutely no shame in being honest with yourself and others about your eccentricities or worries. The most damage is done (I think) when people bottle their feelings up to the point of explosion - you must be very smart to be so self-aware. Keep posting :)

Sumaiah said...

Lovesick American Girl In Kuwait: thank you so very much honey for putting a smile on my face (that refuses to go away and is making me look stupid:p).
i totally agree that bottling feelings leads to dasaster (been there, done that), and thats why i'm trying to talk about whatever is bothering me whether big or small:)

a big fat thank you for passing by and for the incouragement:*
p.s: age is just a number,your as young as you feel:)

zinzinplanet said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah Q___Q
Hidoii, DooDa-chan T^T

Me likey touchin' ya, and I'm ganna keep on touchin' ya 4 evaaa «ur stuck with me rmmbr! :p