Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I seem to be having an allergic reaction to something, but I haven't figured it out still! But I'm blaming the butterflies for now!:p


bo6abesh said...

Salamat oo ma itshofeen shar...im allergic to nicotine oo still i smoke malat 3al bamya:P

Sumaiah said...

Apparently I’m just sick, el7emdellah no allergies:)
But unfortunately I’m like ad3al mare’6a bel3alam, I blame it on having four siblings who are doctors!:p
Nicotine withdrawal is a bitch! Quit now while you have the energy to stop, or else it will be too late believe me!

bo6abesh said...

the only way to quit is to change my life style which is a93aab shaay!!! allah kareeem

and thank god inna ma feech allergy :)

ba6alah said...

matshofen shar Sumaiah I Hope butterflies would dies ! la mo ley hal daraja hehehe :]

Sumaiah said...

bo6abesh: it's ur life after all you decide what to do with it:)
thank you:)

ba6alah: thank u, eshar ma eyeek:)
lool even i wont wish for the death of butterflies, ur turning mean meno la esharaf of converting u into one of us mean negative people!:p