Sunday, March 28, 2010

Graduating is Turning Me into a Monster!

I can't wait to graduate! I used to love college and studying, but thanks to our shitty department that isn't the case any more! This semester is supposed to be my last, and while I should be happy that I'll finally getting out of that hell whole but I'm not! I'm just tired from the load that I'm taking on, the emotional crap, maidany crap, graduation project crap, family blessing, and bad relationships!
Everybody's advising me to drop one or two courses if it's getting to be too much, but I'd hate to stay any longer! Even the maidany which I used to love (I'm taking a training course at KISR) is starting to get on my nerves! I can no longer take a three hour lecture every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! When are we going to do some field work! What's keeping me going is the cute instructors, the good learning material, the great opportunity of proving myself, and my GPA, I worked so hard to maintain it and I'd hate to see it crash in the end!
I also noticed that I've developed an immense hatred towards elmostajedat, I honestly cannot tolerate them! Wallah they depress me, they never have anything good to do! They just set laugh and eat belestera7a all day long! I only go to lestera7a when I have too much to do and I'm too fed up with the library, and to be greeted by the same faces with the same annoying laughter and smiles is plain annoying. I know that I'm cranky and bitter but I have all the right to be, I was here first I know how it works and I hate how clueless they are, someone needs to give them a reality check pronto!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Missing Out on the Movie Experience

I know that I must be the last person to go to "Alice in Wonder Land" and it saddens me to say that it didn't live to its reputation. I mean it had some good parts here and there but overall it was pretty average! Anyways, this is not what I want to talk about, what I want to talk about is who I went to the movie with. We (me and my sisters) stupidly decided to go to the movie with my aunties and cousins; we were 11 in total coming from 5 different locations (drama drama drama) so you could imagine how long it took us to get to the cinema (we were the last people to get there but still kaifna we're awesome:p). all the delay caused me to miss my movie ritual, salt popcorn and pepsi, taking the best seat, watching the coming soon movies trailers, and just chilling on my seat waiting for the movie to begin to inappropriately comment on everything. Instead, we entered the theater with the beginning of the movie, we were so late and I didn't get my popcorn, they gave me the worst seat (bitches!), by the time that I got to my seat I was so sick of their 7anna that I just wanted to go home, and when I finally started to andemej with the movie I didn't have anyone to share my inappropriate remarks with (they gave me the alley seat and my eldest sister sat next to me and she's a mom which is so not cool)! This is the last time that I'll even conceder going out with them, they ruined my ritual!
If you have any movie rituals please do share them with me:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growing Up With the Doctors!

If you love "the Doctors" (the TV show) then you would've loved living in my house! I have 3 sisters and one brother who are doctors, and since the bingeing of their studying period and until now the have these debates about new treatment, they discuss cases that they treated this week, they ask for guidance with cases that they're having trouble with, and they do all of that in the living room where we're supposed to set and relax! Right now we're down to two since we married off the first two (thanks be to Allah!), but still from time to time we get some of the Doctors action! It's not like I totally hate their ritual, on the contrary I kind of enjoy hearing about the variety of diseases that they treat (since we have a radiologist, family medicine student, an OB/GYN, and a trainee whose doing it all right now), but some times it gets to be too much! And don’t you find it annoying that doctors always think of them selves as gods "those are your doctors orders follow them with no questions asked!", I have authority issues and I don’t take orders from nobody thank you very much!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I seem to be having an allergic reaction to something, but I haven't figured it out still! But I'm blaming the butterflies for now!:p

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I miss cooking and the serenity that I get after making a batch of cookies or simply mashed potatoes. A couple of months ago our oven knob broke (the one with the degrees) and when my daddy got it fixed he didn't bother to tell the guy to install one that has the degrees on, so now I cant make most of my therapeutic recipes (therapeutic to make since I don’t like eating something that I made for some reason)! So I decided to fight my dads lack of respect to my demand by going on strike until my demands are being met (I want a new oven now a change of knob will not satisfy me)! So now I can't vent by cooking and people are nagging me to either make them cheese cakes, oatmeal cookies, chicken noodles, cupcakes and god only knows what else! I thought that I could handle it at first but now I think that if anyone tells me to make them something I might marinate their lifeless corps cook it then feed it to my dad!:p
But I'm daddy's little girl, his legacy so I'm as hard headed as he is (if not more), and I don’t see myself cooking anytime soon (god help me!)! And now all because of this post I'm craving mashed potatoes (the only thing that I cook and actually eat), and talking about cooking is making me nostalgic so I'll just shut up!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving On

I let her go so she won't live life under my bad influence; I set her free to live her life. And now that she moved on I'm having mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm happy that she's finally found her footing again, while on the other hand, I cant help but feel a bit envious that she don’t need me any more! I used to be her life line and she used to be my buddy but I pushed her away because she wouldn't have lift any other way, and now she's better off. I wish her all the luck and the happiness in the world, may all her days be just as bubbly as she is:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fairy Tale… Think Again!!

" once upon a time, in a land far far away…" that’s how we were taught about life, love and hate, war and peace, values and ethics, but the thing is that we were taught the life of a fairy tale only to grow up in a world that knows nothing of fairy tales!!
I'm not a pessimist or anything like that, but no one can deny that this world is too much of a hassle, were you study so hard only to watch others get the best grade, and even if you got the top grade others will get the best job, and afterwards u work so hard but never get promoted! This kind of stuff hurt when your young, but we grow old and get numb realizing that this world is not what we were taught and we adapt, after years of fighting and emotional damage, we finally adapt and start living under the influence, of reality, that is!
But no matter how much we fight this world is all we have, and as much as I'd rather choose another place, that’s not an option. But we do have a choice! We have a choice between accepting our life as it is while trying to make the best of it, or we live an angry life fighting for a lost cause!
And in the end, "life doesn't have to be good to feel good" that's what I always say, you have a choice of feeling good in spite of anything that’s happening in this world, so just be ok (and I say ok because happiness is hard to come so some times it's ok to just be ok!) try to smile, I'm not saying that every thing will be peachy perfect, but it might make u feel better for a while.
I'm trying to be positive in here, cut me some slack!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why I Don’t Want Children

I don’t have children of my own, but I have a lot of theories concerning children based on my nephews and cosines. During my life time I witnessed the birth of dozens of children in my family, and I came to realize that children ruin everything they touch!! They ruin their mother's body, life, mental well being, and eventually her well to live. And if by a freaky twist of nature they were angelic children, there is the issue of parents ruining their children's life! Because as I noticed, not all parents want what's for the best of their children and even if they did there's still a chance of them getting it horribly wrong! And even if the child was lucky enough to have it all, she/he would eventually grow up and have to face the world, and as we all know it's not a great place out their! Why would anyone want to be in this world that we live in! Hell, why would anyone want to bring another innocent life into this world! That’s only me talking, but I believe that I have point!
I'm tired and i need to sleep:(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Publish or Perish

My sisters recently discovered that I have a blog and they're pressuring me to give them the URL but I don’t want them to read it, so one of them asked me why post if they're not allowed to read. It's simple really, I'm the type of girl that never talks personal, never let any one in, and just keep to herself, and it hit me that no one knows me! Different people know different versions of me, but no one knows the me me, so it was a matter of publish or perish! I feared that if I kept on this pace that I will end up forgetting who I am, that one day I might be some one who I don’t know, or worst, some one that I don’t like!! And since I can't talk to people I will keep on publishing it on the net even if it was only for me to read, and maybe some day someone else will come to know me! So here you go, Sumaiah was here!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Annoying Touchy People

I hate being touched, every time anyone touches me I feel like ripping their heads off! Being touched makes me feel vulnerable and violated, invaded, and forced into something that I don’t want to do! And the problem is that people think that I'm kidding when I say that I don’t like being touched, or worst, forget about it! Ya3ny is it that hard to keep ur hand to ur selves! I don’t want to change for people's sake, and I refuse to be touched! I just hate people oo 5ala9!
A message to all the annoying touchy people in my life: STOP TOUCHING ME BITCHES!