Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Tree House

I'm the sixth of eight children that my mom and dad were stupid enough to have; you can imagine what I had to go through to get some attention or time alone! Life was always hard (on every one I know, but I'm only responsible of me!), and at times I just wanted to curl in a corner and wait for the patch to pass, but unfortunately that never happened! So I had to figure out a way to be alone with myself to think, and that’s how I discovered the roof, or as I call it the tree house. This place has witnessed so many emotions. Emotions I didn’t want to share with anyone, not even me. It was always there for me when I felt like crying but was too ashamed of being seen as weak. It's always there when I want to scream or even sing out loud! It grew with me and with it I learned how to just enjoy the show. My tree house is my sanctuary my haven my escape from life's claws, but I've decided to stop escaping and thus this is good bye:)


ba6alah said...

your tree house was taking care of you
treated you like a mother , and you thought it was your escaping way from life but it looks like a place can carry your tears and heart so don't say good bye but see you soon and about your mother & father thanks god that you have them 2.

Sumaiah said...

as for the roof,why do people refuse to believe that it used to be my escape!! when i go there it's like it ok to be vulnerable and weak, and those are things that i wouldn't let myself feel if i was anywhere else! i would scream songs eb9oty eshajy there knowing that no one can hear me, or other wize i wouldn't even dare! i did a lot of stuff that i wouldn't normally do, so believe me it was an escape! but now i realized that i can't afford to live a double life, and i cant afford to run away all the time. i needed a new way to deal with drama, and with the roof in my life i will never find one. life is about growing up and embracing changes, and that was a change that i needed to make!
as for mom and dad, i have no comment!