Thursday, February 18, 2010

Driving Lessons and Baby Diapers

Right now waking up is as exciting as going to sleep! My days consist of driving lessons (yes I'm 21 and just now learning how to drive, shut up!) and waiting for my nephew to do some thing new (why do new born babies have to be so boring! Can't they learn a trick or some thing! I mean, I love the little monkey but come on give me some action!!), and that’s killing me and affecting my mood tremendously. You see, my life is full of drama so when things slow down I get bored! What's boring me the most is driving, I hate doing something that I can't do, and I'm too old to learn something new, so it’s a vicious cycle I'm afraid! I only wanted to drive to be independent, but on a second thought what is independency if I'm miserable and angry all the time! I want a driver!:(