Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daddy Dilemma

My dad is driving me crazy, I want to kill him!! Even though I just turned 21 he still treats me like a child and keeps making decisions for me which makes me feel emasculated and resentful. You see, I'm a strong headed stubborn independent type of girl, his attempts of controlling me, morphing me into some thing that he actually approves of feels like poison that’s bad enough to keep me suffering but never strong enough to actually kill me! And what I hate the most is the skewed view that every one in the family has, which is that he is "the man of the house" and that it's perfectly normal that he's suffocating me! They all treat him as if he's god, praising his achievements yet never admitting to his mistakes. I need to break away from this tainted environment before it starts rubbing on me, because even though I vowed never to be them I feel that I'm starting to lose the well to fight for my believes!

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