Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anticipating Disaster

Recently I've notice that I tend to think of the worst case scenario of everything once I'm alone. Even though I'm a morning person, and until recently enjoyed waking up, but since the start of the holiday I've been getting this griping feeling that never goes away. A feeling of discomfort, and uneasiness, a feeling that I always get when thing get horribly wrong. But the thing is that nothing is going wrong! And I should be ok, yet still I'm not. I'm just sick of feeling bad! What should I do to feel normal again!

On a lighter mood, yesterday was the first time that I wore a Kuwait flag outfit my aunt got one for me because they wanted us all to match for a liberation day family portrait. It was weird in a good way, next year I might even go to elmasera:)


bo6abesh said...

umm...about the feeling i guess u should read little about Generalized anxiety disorder and 9adgeny u will feel better coz i used to have the same feeling :)

and 9ij 9ij 9ij u shouldn't even think about going 2 maseera :P~

ba6alah said...

3asa allah eykhaley lena deratna wey3adelha inshallah :]

Sumaiah said...

bo6abesh: though there is some similarities between what i'm feeling and what u've mentioned, but i don't think that that's my problem! with me the worrying has nothing to do with daily events, on the contrary i'm apathetic to them! it seems that those feelings are there for no reason at all!! but thanks for the help:)
lool i kind off want to study the nature of the kuwaiti ape in person!:p

ba6alah: ameeen:)