Monday, January 4, 2010

better late than never!

Happy new year every body:)
I kind of regret not starting my blog in the year 010:p
Every year I set and prepare my new year's resolutions then wait for the new year to come, but this year I couldn't master enough energy to do so! So im starting this year resolution-less and will try to just improvise as I go! Im really hoping that this year will be better than the last for myself, my family, and every one else.

I just remembered that there's one thing that I hope to achieve in 2010, and that is to eliminate the clutter, whether be it relational(getting there, getting there:)), mental(needs a lot of hard work!), or physical(anyone fancy cleaning my room!:p). I've been working on it really hard since last year and inshallah this year will be the year that I put it all behind:)

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