Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Posting Because I Felt Like it!

So this is what I made! I know! It's not just cookies, it's brownie cookies! Then I decided to sandwich it up with some vanilla ice cream and baaam instant sugar high! It's like I died and went to PMS heaven. If it wasn't for the fear of feeling too house wifey I would've posted the recipe. But you know, I have a reputation that have already suffered enough :p

Ok now I'll stop with the cookie rambling. So when is the new year? Is it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? What day is it today actually? And is there 30 or 31 days in this month? Wait let me check my calender! Ok, no need to answer anything, I just figured it out.

I've been sleeping too much lately and I think that my organs are shutting down. As you can read I've lost the major functioning part of my brain!

Been cleaning up my e-mail and I found stuff that depressed me. I should seriously stop digging up shit!

Moving on! What are you doing on new years? I'm doing nothing, surprise surprise :p

Baking Bug

I've been having this urge to bake something for a couple of days now but I'm not sure what to make! I'm so sick of making cookies and brownies and every other thing that I've made before. I want to make something new, something challenging, something big!

I've been checking out new recipes and it's like I want to make them but I don't really have the energy to take action. I spend about 16 hours in bed divided between trying to sleep, sleeping, and not wanting to get out of bed! Then I go and spend the hours I'm not in bed by staring at the wall with the tv on!

Maybe I should challenge myself to make something new (pumpkin cake?) by the end of the week and post pictures of it here. That should get me off of my ass because nothing else is working!

It's winter, I'm PMSing, that's what's wrong! You better not mess with me :p

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here Go Hell Come

They changed the packaging and the name of my favorite ice cream! It used to be Superman, that was cool. Now it looks so childish I hate it :(

Eating sweets on decayed teeth is the worst thing a person could do! And I do that almost every day :s

I really need to go see a dentist but I don't want to permanently traumatise anyone! Wallah it's that bad!

Now that the year's coming to an end I'm having this impulses to do something right. So what clinic do you go to for dental care? And do you recommend it?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Google, Thus I'm Alive

I was bored so I google "I'm bored what should I do?" And I found a site that has useless games and this one's my favorite :p

My right thumb's been twitching for a couple of days now and it's really starting to annoy me. I've also been lethargic and forgetful, so I started obsessing about it (that's what I do, I worry too much!). A normal person would forget all about it or go to the doctor, but I think that we've already established that I'm not normal! I tend to google my symptoms and it's been quite accurate in the past. This time I have answers ranging from vitamin D3 deficiency to brain tumor, so I guess I'll have to ask one of my sisters or even go to the hospital :s

What do you do when you're bored?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

These are A Few of My Favorite Things

he wrote the last paragraph because i called him a hypocrite once for making me take an exam when i wasn't feeling good because he had to abide by rules, while he tolerates cheating which is unfair to us (nerds)! lets say that he didn't appreciate that :p

I love The Sound of the Music and I've been listening to this song (the one in the title duh!) a lot lately. So, these are a few of my favorite things:

1- Hanging out with Noro: she's my only close friend and I love her to death. I haven't seen her since ages though, because she has MS and she's having an episode and she doesn't like people seeing her at her worst. Please pray for her she's currently in the hospital finishing her treatment course.

2- Reading my recommendation letters: doctors loved me (well most of them!) And they didn't find it inconvenient to express it in writing. There's nothing better to do when your feeling down than reading other people saying how great you are :p

3- Mesho: she's my baby, my bitch, my inspiration, my reason to live, and my partner in crime. She's having a bad day today! Hope you feel better love :*

4- BBQing: you can't go wrong with burnt food and good company! Combined with an aching body the next day, it's just the recipe for happiness :p

5- Baking: it's a good way of relieving stress. And who can say no to cookies and molten!

6- Long baths: I could seriously live in a bath tub!

7- Food: if you don't know that food is one of my favorite things, then you don't know me!

8- Hand Rosy (card game, that's what my aunts call it!): you need to be smart to play hand, unlike stupid Uno which totally depends on luck!

9- Traumatizing my nephews and baby cousins: kids are stupid and it's impossible to hate making them cry! At least to me :p

10- Dancing: I'm a bad dancer but that doesn't mean that I can't dance! It so uncomplicated and natural. It's a good "pick me up" method :)

Now tell me some of your favorite things so I could make fun of you :p

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleepy Congrats

This is my major sheet, I had it since I was in my second year at college. It used to look better, but I've been neglecting it lately. Can you tell? :p

Ok. So today I went to the GUST vs. KU debate. It wasn't as civilized as it should've been, but some good arguments were discussed. I won't go into who was better, but it's safe to say that both teams could use some improvement. This is not me saying that they were bad, I'm just saying that they can do better :)

Since I used to be (I almost wrote I am! I feel ancient) a KU student, I'd love to say that our team rocked! You guys are our stars. Thank you for representing us the way you did, and better luck next time :*

On a different note, I've watch 10 episodes of greys anatomy (I haven't been in the mood to start watching season 7 until now) instead of going to sleep yesterday, and I think I had like 4 hours of sleep and I'm tired as hell! It's funny that I'm so dependent on sleep right now, when it used to be a rare event before! I guess I'm making up for lost time or something :p

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 General Obsessions

the magic solution :p

This is my list of general obsessions so be prepared :p

1- Ultimate Survival (a show on Discovery): this Bear guy is such a turn on. He's not hot or anything but I can't help but get excited (I'm trying to be lady-like :p) when his show starts! If I ever was lost I'd rather do it around him because a) he'll get my ass out of trouble, and b) I wouldn't mind hanging around him :p

2- Eyelash curler: it's just awesome whether it's used alone or with ke7l and mascara. I have tiny eyes so I need those curlers to give the illusion of big. It really does make a difference! I think I lost mine though. I've been trying to find it today but it's nowhere to be found. That gives me another reason to go makeup shopping :p

3- E! Entertainment: what can I say!

4- Birthing videos: I'm sick I know! But it's not my problem that I find childbirth so sexy! And it's not because of some cheesy reason like the fact that it's the beginning of a new life bla bla bla.. No! It's because of the screaming, the sweating, the pain and the tension.. Ahhhhhh so hot! Don't look at me like that!
If someone found those videos I guess they'd think that I'm pregnant (which I'm not, believe me I know!). Let's hope that no one would ever go through my files :p

5- Motorcycles: they're just yummy and hot! I'm not gonna say more because I've already used up the horny card on the last obsession :p

6- Chelsea Handler: she's sooooooooo yummy! She's me but richer and more powerful! I love her *hearts*

7- Plastic surgery: need I say more! It's a blessing :p

8- Coverderm: it's a concealing foundation that you can find in any pharmacy. It's so heavy I'd never wear it on my face! I use it to cover up my scars and it works like magic. You can probably hide a penis with that thing, it's really that heavy!

9- Sex toys: I'm not going to get into details, and I shouldn't have to :p

10- Final Destination: ok it's not an obsession but I do enjoy watching it! I couldn't choose and 3amoor and I were watching it and laughing, so I thought why not! It's the perfect "cheer me up" movie. Its too stupid to be taken seriously.

I'm sleepy for some reason! But I'm too bored to go to sleep. Am I making any sense? Never mind, I don't even know why I asked this :p

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Food Obsessions

I think that I'm going to have 2 lists of my obsessions, one for food (that's what I do best :p) and one for other stuff. It's just because when I sat and listed 10 things I'm obsessed with, 7 of the 10 were of food! So I'll just start with the food obsessions:

1- Shrimps: I wasn't much of a seafood fan until recently. So now I feel that I have plenty of seafood to eat to catch up on lost times :p
Shrimps are my favorite seafood, directly followed by crabs. I still don't do fish, it smells so fishy :p

2- Burgers: I like them in all sizes and types. Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and most important of all, a huge beef patty. It's a classic couch potato food :p

3- Nachos: ultimate comfort food. Salty, cheesy, spicy, combined with some tasty sour cream. I could just die.

4- Activia fruit yogurt: even I manage to eat something healthy from time to time. This is my favorite healthy treat. I love the strawberry, raspberry, and mango flavors, but my favorite is strawberry.

5- Kaanlar's Telli Kashkaval cheese: it's a turkish cheese that you can find at your co-op. Grill it on your electric griller and you'll end up with a goowy and heavenly creamy flavor.

6- Mr. Backer's wara8 3enab: I'm addicted to wara8 3enab, but the problem is that my mom makes the worst! And I haven't found anyone who would just teach me how to make it. So I had to try lots and lots of restaurants and bakeries to choose my favorite (and I sure did enjoy it!). What makes it the best is that it's citrusy and spicy, it's just perfect.

7- Lasagna: I haven't found the perfect lasagna and that's why I'm obsessing about it! I know that I'm gonna end up trying to make it, but I'm too lazy to do so right now!

8- Popsicles: they're like childhood on a stick! They make me feel worm (m'6ay3a ha :p) and fuzzy inside. It's a funny thing..

9- Wasabi's beef noodles: I'm not big on the sushi habba but my sisters love japanese food. So I just had to find something that I'm ok with eating when we go to their favorite japanese restaurant. Their noodles is very good, I find myself craving it in the weirdest of times!

10- Co-op baked potato: I tried a lot of fancy baked potatoes, but I'll have to say that the gooweness of the co-op's baked potato puts it at number one.

If you want to recommend stuff for me to try, be my guest. But I'm extremely picky, so chances are I won't like it :p

Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Things I Hate!

I don't wear nail polish on short nails. I just wanted to give u a visual image of lesbian nails :p

Since we're approaching a new year, I'm feeling like making lists. Being me I'll have to start with what I hate :p

Stuff that irritate me: this list represents my opinion and nothing else. If you don't like it, tough luck!

1- Straight girls with lesbian nails: if you're straight then you have no problem with growing your nails then polishing them! You have no excuse to keep them short if you want them polished!!

2- Fat people pretending to be thin: I'm fat so I have the right to criticize fat people.
Other people shouldn't have to see your folds! They're just like your stretch marks, they're not for everyone to see!

3- Screaming kids: if I wanted to hear screaming I would've had my own baby, at least it'll be mine! Or I would've stayed at home! I don't want to listen to your annoying babies at restaurants or malls. Why don't you just leave those brats at home!

4- Muslims making a fuss over Christmas and santa: whatever! That's all I have to say about that! What freaking ever!

5- Playboy Bunnies: I don't have anything against the sex industry, I'm a fan actually! But those bunnies, they just annoy the crap out of me!

6- onions: it's stinky, it's chewy, it's nasty! I don't know why it's used everywhere, it doesn't taste good!

7- Chick flicks: why are they making more and more of them! Why do people sit for hours to watch that shit!

8- Vegan people: for some reason they think that they are superior! And they're always trying to convert you! I don't like vegetables, leave me the fuck alone!!

9- Uno Attack: I hate normal Uno, but this new Uno's just stupid! I vote make it stop!

10- Saline implants: it just doesn't look natural, it doesn't jiggle, it's just tacky! If your not going silicon, you might as well not go bigger!!

That's a wrap to this list (even though there's plenty from where that came from :p), feel free to add and I'll feel free to disagree if I don't like your addition :p
Tomorrow I might post about what I'm obsessing about :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bad Day

For a person who hates pink, I sure am surrounded with lots and lots of it :p

Life is a variable. You have good days and bad days. Nothing stays the same whether you want it to or not. Today was a bad day...

I woke up feeling sorry for myself. I stayed in my messy room under my dirty covers and I felt so sorry for what's becoming of me. I might be breathing but I'm not living. I haven't been living for a long time and the sad thing is that I've accepted it. I'm ok with being barely alive, I'm ok with feeling like a failure, I'm ok with doing it the easy way.

Most of my followers are aware of the fact that I'm troubled. I'm not sure if all of you figure it out, but I have self destructive tendencies. The picture above is of one of my favorite destructive behaviors. I know that it's wrong (not to mention lame!), and I know that it doesn't change a thing, but I used to cut to feel alive (laaaaame!).

You might think that this is a sad post seeing that I'm gloomy and I'm talking about cutting! It's not really! It's been more than a year since I last cut. I'm not saying that I don't think about it, because as seen in the picture I still get the urge (which was taken this week!). Even though sometimes I have the utmost intention to hurt myself, I have managed to keep it as an intention.

I might be taking a long time to grow out of my stupidity, but I'll get there :)
I'm watching Scot Pilgrim at the moment, it's very funny. I'll go watch now, ok bye :*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Bad Movie, A Fa9la, And A Souring Headache

I woke up really early (normal people early, not Sumaiah timing early :p) to go out with Mesho and her friends. We left home at 10 but got to 360 at nearly 12 because we had to register 3amoor for 8odorat (I had to deal with people first thing in the morning :s).

We went to watch "Life As We Know It" which is something that I'll never choose to watch, but it wasn't my choice (it was to early to object, my brain was still sleeping). The movie sucked as hell! It was sooooo bad I could've puked! Bs I had fun, I needed to go out :)

Afterwards, we went to my aunt's house for fo6oor. It was my cousin's birthday so we went to 360 again to celebrate. Picture 7 people cramped in a car and you'll have a visual image of what's to come :p
I remembered reading about a BB caribou offer (every thursday of this month at 360, avenues, and two other places but I'm not sure :p) so we went there to check it out. So the seven of us went there and got our vouchers and covers. You see, individually we're very loud and annoying, so combined together we're just despicable! I thought that people would boo us out of the place! We would've kicked their asses if they did, but still I thought that they might do it :p

Anyways, when we left 360 we still didn't want to go home so we went to elba7ar *hearts*. We were screaming and laughing throughout the ride. Then we went to el7ob because we felt like it! And I wanted to drool over motorcycle guys (two types of guys I can't resist are married guys and guys with motorcycles!)! It's safe to say that we went crazy, but that was only because my male cousins were with us (we all know what could happen to a car full of screaming and laughing hot (shut up!) girls :p).

When we finally decided to go back to my aunts house, I was having the mother of all headaches :(
I just got home and I'm sleepy and in pain so I have the right to not make sense so shut up and read :p
Ok people the queen has to go have a bath and get some beauty sleep. Goodnight you all :*

Ow, I nearly forgot about it. Happy birthday Badrany, I love you you old hag :**

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anything For A Paycheck :p

This is yummy!

Anyone who reads this retarded blog knows that I've recently (does 6 months still account as recently?) graduated and I'm waiting for a job. I used to be picky saying that I wouldn't work anywhere that doesn't fit my personality (which wouldn't fit anywhere!!). Now all I want is to work!

Employ meeeeeeeeeeee! I'll come on time, leave on time. I'll work hard and won't have meaningless chats with anyone. I'll make cookies everyday for a whole month! I'll do anything just let me work!!

I should've studied pharmacology *sigh*

Maybe I should be a prostitute! You don't need a was6a for this. In fact I might score a was6a doing it :p
Not that I'll ever do (no pun intended :p) was6a! I don't swing that way (lame -_-)!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I Should Stop Watching E!

How depressing is that dinner? It gets even worse because I was watching yummy food on food network while eating that!

I've never been so fond of TV until I graduated. Now that there's not much to do, I'm either reading and watching TV or sleeping and watching TV (I sleep with one eye open :p).

You'd think that a smart person such as myself (shut up I'm smarter than you all and I can prove it!!) Would be watching something of value, but nooooo! I had to be addicted to stupid E! *pukes*

You'd also think that I'm enjoying it if I keep watching, but nooo! I hate it!! I keep ranting about how stupid those people are, how retarded the shows are, and how dumb I am for watching! My family and friends are so sick of this phase because I've been babbling nonstop on my FB account about how E! is making me sick! Examples of what I've lately been posting:

"that really loud chika on modern family's very hot!! every time she speaks (more like scream) I just go ehm I'll stop now :p" < that might be the nicest thing that I ever wrote :p

"I don't like Heidi Klume (is it written this way? I couldn't bother googling it!), she's sooooooo blah!"

"I'm sick of ppl idolizing Taylor Swift (why do I know how to spell her name!!). when is she gonna screw up and make ppl hate her! I hate how girly and put together she is! give her some cocaine! girl release a sex tape or be human already!!!! could you tell that she irritates me?" Loool I can't spell to save my life, and I usually have to google names to get them right!

I'm so bubbley, aren't I? That's it for today, thank you come again :p

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've Had Enough

There's a limit to how much I can take. He crossed the line. I'm sorry brother but this is the last time that I'm gonna call you this.

Your not my boss. You can't tell me I'm stupid. You screamed at me twice and that's two times too many.

I used to love you but you made it so easy to drop you off. And I say drop you because you're a deadweight that I've been carrying around.

To all the assholes in my life: your a waste of emotional space. Call me when you're no longer a burden on humanity.

I feel like I'm suffocating. I just want out of this house. I'm nobody's doormat!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Sky Will Be My Limit

I breathed your polluted air, swam on your dying see, and I ran on your infertile soil, yet through it all I loved you! Through years of living like an outcast for thinking differently, acting differently in a place that had nothing to brag about but norms. I tried to change the culture to fit my personality but that didn't work. I know now if a culture didn't fit, then I might as well stop trying to wear it.

We are a long way from becoming a nation that thinks before it acts. A long way from being achievers rather than lousy trend setters. A long way from making our ancestors proud. If only we started the change, then that gap will soon close. The gap that separates us from superiority and evolving into something that matters. To become a nation that's listened to, pioneers who could think for themselves, not a floc of sheep following a drunken shepard.

I've lived through the separation and discrimination. I suffered on the hand of corruption and favoritism. I'm not trying to sound like a victim because that's not how I perceive myself to be. I'm just mourning the opportunities lost because society sow me "unfit" for.

I'm not angry anymore though. The injustice only made me stronger. I now know what I want and what I'm going to do.

"Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it", that's one of the smartest things that I've read in a while. What's done is done, what's lost is already gone. Kuwait is my past, it might be my present, but it sure as hell isn't going to be my future.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Girls Night In

i didn't make her sleep here, she wanted to!

Mesho has a midterm tomorrow so I made her a giant cookie for motivation:p

Sometimes when I get so close too dying of boredom, I steel my baby cousins for a sleep over.

I don't like kids really, but my cousins are so stupid and they adore me (I'm not kidding!). And since I miss having people who look at me like I'm the best thing that ever walked this earth, I sometimes love having them around. I can be nice if I wanted to. And those girls just need someone to tell them that they're just perfect the way they are. I do admit that I'm doing this to prevent them from becoming me! I'm just that nice, what can I say :p

I might have good intentions, but I can't help but be a bad influence on those little girls! You see, I'm not mommy material! I expose those girls to bad language, violence, and sexual material even when I try to do it right! Last night I tried to watch Disney channel with them, but I felt like I was gonna die if it lasted longer!! At least I'm learning! This time I didn't let them watch Dr. 90210 like the last time :p

And it doesn't stop there! I don't ever remember that I fed them anything healthy!! I did make them eggs and turkey sandwiches a couple of times, but it was way after their bedtime!!

I also tend to keep them up all night so they won't wake me up early!! OMG I'm awful, why do they beg to come back!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad, But Why The Ugly!!

This is a very cute picture of me, Mesho and a couple of my cousins looking like children of the corn in matching ugly dresses! I'm the one with plastic flowers growing out of my head in case you haven't noticed my dashing beauty :p

I'll stop bragging about how perfect a baby I was, and will get to the subject.
I decided to wear 7ejab at a very young age (I was 12 I guess!), but I never regretted that decision. I do admit that those "experimental" years were hard on the eye, and I will be lying if I told you that I didn't hate the look! It still felt good at the time because I wanted it and I did it for myself and not any one else.

We all had our ugly days I guess (if you didn't go through the ugly phase, then you're not welcomed in here anymore!:p). And it's ok because you managed to overcome it, right? Well think again my dear!

While I'm one of the people who loves to be pictured, because I believe that I'm the most gorgeous person alive (feel free to worship me!:p). I unfortunately loved to be pictured even on those ugly years. Now I know that it's so hard to believe that I was ever anything but perfect (says the overweight girl!), but do try to get over the shock! :p

Ok all jokes aside. The only thing worse than going through the phase is documenting that phase. And what's even worst is having evil family members blackmailing you with them damned pictures (thank god there are no videos, or none that I know of!)!! My gaol is to burn all of the evidence. Wish me luck with my mission impossible! :p
If you all act good and make mama proud, I'll post one ugly picture for your entertainment! So stay tuned I guess :p

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nothing Can Hurt Me Unless I Let It!

Teasing Mesho is one of my favorite hobbies. You can feel the love there, very intense :p

I just came home from a girls night in and I'm feeling pretty good :)
I have to pee though! (I'm blaming Vainglorious for that!)

Okaaaaay! I really have nothing to write about! I just wanted to share my good mood *flashes a shy smile* :p

Been watching tooooo much E! lately and I think that my IQ's dropping!
But I also started reading again, so I guess this might help balancing my extremely high IQ :p

I'm currently reading "The Help". When I first started reading it, I though that I might not go through! Call me a snob but I'd rather have my novels written in proper english! There are parts of the novel that are written in poor black people english. I know that it's written that way to serve a purpose, but I also know for sure that I'm not a fan of that! I'm loving the story line so far though, which is why I'm still reading it :)

What else what else! I don't know! I've been through plenty since I last posted but I don't know if I want it written down! I think posting about failing and shit makes it more real... you know! Whatever!

The real reason to why I'm posting this is that I want to remember this feeling when I open my blog. Not the feeling that I had when I wrote the last one!

I really love life, and I love the people that I'm surrounding myself with(including you my lovelies :*). It still gets lonely sometimes, seeing that I'm not one of the priorities in any of those peoples lives! But it's ok I guess since I brought this upon myself! I'm really blessed though. Knowing that I'll have people by my side if I asked them to be is more than enough for me right now :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Talk About Me

This is the only picture that I found of me wearing a dress as a baby!! Don't I look just adorable! Next to me is "El2a7ma8" my cousin :p

I'm taking some precious time out of my day to update you my fool loyal followers in case you were wondering what have I been up to since I last posted. I have a warning though: this post is too..... Me, I guess! It's just plain weird, so I don't recommend you to continue reading!
- My parents finally left until I'm not sure when! What! I don't really care about when they're coming back I'm just glad they left!! So my evil plan was to order the vibrator, right? Bs surprise surprise the site is being renovated (gobessa much!!) so my plans went out the window taking my infant orgasm with it *weeps*
So yesterday mom txted me at 3:38 AM asking me if I wanted padded bras or non-padded ones. I was angry because she woke me from my beauty sleep, so I had the urge to miss with her and tell her that I want a boob job! Then I thought what if I told her that I already had a boob job and will need those bras to be a size FF cup :p
Then I pushed those thoughts away because I wanted those bras and didn't want to give mom a heart attack (how considerate :p)

- I went to the stupid Get2Gether ma3ra'6 thingy. It sucked for me because I'm not a fan of stupid people. I'm actually not a fan of people, period! The most stupid thing that I saw there was the guys who were making flavoured soda! I mean come on!! I saw at least five (maybe four, I tend to exaggerate :p) tables with a bunch of guys pouring soda over an inch of artificial flavouring and all of a sudden they have a business!! And they have those weird names that will act as a stupid magnet that attracts idiots to their booths! I do admit that I bought a drink from one of them but only because I had chilli's for lunch that day and wanted anything cold and watery to gulp down.

- I think I'm depressed! I've been feeling so lethargic lately. I'm being extra mean and de3la to Saro (AKA Bujem9). It's like I'm looking for any excuse to just scream at her and make her suffer because I'm hurt that she's moving on! It's weird wallah! I know that I could be over protective of my cubs (AKA siblings), but I never thought that I'm so possessive! I'm turning into the teenage me who nobody like and nobody wanted to be around! The problem with me and issues is that I tend to not deal with them! I just put up a happy face and move on, but it's never gone! I always feel stupid for feeling bad, because I believe that I should be strong for everyone else! And because everyone is used to me being the strong one, the shoulder to cry on, they just can't accept the fact that I do feel down almost everyday! They can't understand that I've been battling depression my whole life because I just smile. I think I'm stuck!!
Ok now this post is too much all at once. So I'll just wrap it up already! Don't worry about me, it's nothing that a good night's sleep won't take care of :D (see what I'm talking about!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Whip My Extensions Back and Forth!

I just realized that I've never ranted about Willow Smith here!! Considering that I've been ranting about how much I hate her and her song none stop everywhere possible! Just thinking about it gives me headache!!

Anyways, I feel like I should be doing something but I can't think of any!

The DJ lady just came here to get her stuff organized and stuff. So I sat there and gave her the CDs with the songs that we want for when the exchange the rings (:s) and for the zaffa (:s). Ba3dain I was like "no badawy, no 3ragy, and no ashba7!" And she's like "no what?" And I'm like "ehm I mean old people's songs, what do you call them?", DJ lady "samry!", me "yes exactly!". I know that it's called samry but I've been calling it ashba7 since ages so the name just slipped my mind!

Ok I just received my extensions, one thing down plenty to go! Why am I not panicking yet! It suck, having balding genes I mean. Sometimes I get impulses to go shave it all off!! Bs not now! Now I feel like letting it down, extensions and all. Yesterday I stayed up all night googling hair styles and eye makeup. What! If I'm doing it then I'd rather do it the right way!!

Mesho's been driving my behind since 12, I'm giving her a couple of hours before she finally cracks and throws me out of the car :p

My face is freezing! Wait I'm going to direct the AC somewhere else....

I want a boob job! Mesho has killer boobs but she doesn't appreciate them, why wasn't I born with them? I would've loved them and taken care of them and treated them like my babies! *curses her tiny boobs*

Ok now I really have to go get ready. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Get Married When You Have Me As A Sister!!

My sister's melcha is tomorrow! How did that happen!!!! I'm gonna die, I'm not ready!!! Old people touching me, kissing me, and telling me that I'm too fat. I must say that I'm not looking forward to it!!

I hate all the males in my life, so adding a brother in law is not exactly a good event for me! Combined with me being less important in my sister's life... It's a catastrophe!! I mean I have married sisters, but I didn't care much for those sisters when they were at home! But bujem9 is bujem9!! Reading the stupid pet name gives u a clue at how close we were... Are! I don't care she's mine forever and always! He didn't suffer from her mood swings for 21 years! She never hit him because he misplaced her barbie! He didn't stay up all night watching "Practical Magic", "Mission Impossible 2", and "Crossroads" with her every holiday for years!! He didn't share her experiences! He's a cool guy. She have always loved him. They make a perfect couple.

Tomorrow's her day. We'll all look our best and we're gonna be happy for her. I love you bujem9, I wish you all the happiness with the love of your life. Good thing you got away :*

Stay toned for part two, the wedding *shudders*. I cry on happy occasions it's my personal drama. Good thing that they're not rushing into the wedding. I'll have plenty of time to process...

Maybe I should invest more in Mesho since she's so annoying and no one wants to marry her! You know I love you, you stupid bitch :**

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google It

A couple of days ago I had a nasty encounter with a person so close to me. After the whole incident I was so angry and hurt that I just broke down and cried. I actually teared up and when I did my aunt started crying because she wasn't used to seeing me cry so I stopped crying! But even when I stopped crying and cursing I was still enraged and agitated, and me being me I decided to google the rage out.

I have a tendency to get all hyped up and crazy when it comes to google. It always starts with something then ends up with something that bears no relation to the first search! It's safe to say that I get ADHD when I use it :p

Back to the initial subject please (maybe I do have ADHD!)! Ok, so while I was still drying my eyes I googled "Fucking pissed". One of the first results was a site called "I'm Pissed" I think (google it if you want, I have no connection and I'm too lazy :p)! You see, I don't do any "human to human" sharing and that's why I tend to use the internet so I don't have another breakdown! Back to the site please (what did I tell you!)! So in short, what the site is all about is that you go there and tell the world why you're pissed with the choice of allowing comments or not. I thought that it's a cool tool for people like me who can't confine on the people around them and need to let it all out.

After I read some of the posts my ADHD kicked in and I wanted to google something else. My favorite google search is my name akeed :p
No matter how many times I search my name the results are still just my FB account, my Twitter account, and my blog. And yes it still disappointing that there's no page praising my highness, but I know that it will happen soon :p

I couldn't stop searching so I searched (the new followers might be offended but you have to know! I'm one of the horniest person that I know!!) "Sex toys kuwait" (that's why I had to warn you :p). I've been looking for a vibrator since forever and I thought why not! The results sure sent a little jolt through my you know what (I'm trying to be polite here, appreciate the effort!:p). There's an online site that sells sex toys here in kuwait (REJOICE :D), and it's been there since more than a year! I was very disappointed that I didn't know about it any earlier!!

But just like everything good in life it couldn't be perfect (shut up :p). My problem now (isn't there always -_-) is that I can't order it to my house because there's no need for the whole family to know about it (believe it or not I'm shy around family. And yes I know what shy mean. Shut up!!). Efffff this is a true dilemma to me stop laughing! If your laughing then you're an idiot! Who's laughing now :p

Ok, I'll go try to read or think about a way to make that happen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank You Crumbs :*

Today started with me scrubbing floors (still cleaning the new house!) and ended with a cool experience. I just came back from Harry Potter thanks to the wonderful people at crumbs.

I only had one problem with the whole situation (don't I always). We didn't feel included! True we won and true they were trying but you'd expect more from a creative place that cateres to the needs of the young generation. I mean you initiated this (and we're more than thankful) but you didn't use the presence of all of us sharing a mutual passion by including us in the experience! Instead there was the "Crumbs Personals Party", "Winner #1 Party", "Winner #2 Party", and so on.

The E-mail said to be there at 7:30 and that the movie starts at 8:15. The half hour spent waiting for the show was one of the most awkward time I spent since I graduated! Granted they offered us coffee and cake (which I was very thankful for because I was starving), but that was it! No small talks, no introductions, no nothing! I though that we were all being cool, we are all in on a secret club that no one but us could get into! I agree, I day dream a lot :p

I loved the VIP experience though, and what made it better was Crumbs goodies. I'm not saying this as a da3aya (if you know me, you'll know that I'll never do that!!), but I really think that they make the best red velvet cupcakes! I love their brownies too *droooools*
The movie was ok but the extras seem to be getting worst with each part :s

I'm sleeping at my aunt's today. We're eating noodles, eggs, cheese, and gaimar oo 3asal. Mako tanaso8 :p
I'm really beaten, so I'm gonna go sleep now. Good night world :*

Finally I'm Being Treated Like The VIP That I AM :p

Ok so I still don't believe that I (actually my aunt won it, but I did the work!) won something! I WON VIP TICKETS TO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!!!! Ok, I got it out of my system! :p

As you can see I'm not a fan of J. K. Rowling any more! Not ever since she ruined my story for me!! Ever since the first book I hated Rowling's writing style and through out the 7 books I found more than 10 mistakes in the plot and stuff but I kept on reading because I liked the story (don't judge me!). What made me hate Rowling even more was the ending of the 7th book. ALL WAS WELL MY ASS YOU BITCH!! Ok that's out of my system too!

Once I finished reading the last book, I stopped feeling excited about the movies until yesterday. The beautiful people of Crumbs sent me (ehm my aunt) an E-mail telling me that I won 3 VIP tickets to Harry Potter. Thank you Crumbs, even though I signed every one in the family for the competition I still didn't think that I'll win, but you made a girl's dream (of winning something) come true :D

If everything went well and I didn't die (3youn my cousin betickets and I'm anticipating a disaster of some sort) I'll post about it inshallah :)

This is my 100th post! I never thought that I had it in me! I really though that I'd get bored with it and would've stopped posting a couple of weeks after starting this blog! That's why I never corrected the spelling on the "Within" from "Within The Margin Of Error"! I told myself if I made it for a whole year then I'll change it, so that's something to look forward to :p

Now I have to go force myself to finish reading my novel because I want to buy new novels but I have to read some of the novels on my unread pile to buy new ones without feeling guilty about it! I talk a lot I know :p

Thank you all for tolerating me and my craziness and for reading the crap that I write. Without you, this blog would've fizzled and died. Thank you for lurking (if I had silent readers which I hope I do!!), following, or commenting on my idiotic post. I really don't know why you come back, but I sure as hell appreciate it. I love you all :***

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Have Love In My Tummy

It's this time of the month again (my cycle is very important to me so you're all gonna hear about it) which means endless cravings, some crazier than others I must admit.

Just a second let me put some nail polish on.....
Mesho told me to write something for her college's magazine but I think that I'm out of creativity!! Back in the days (elly yesma3 ygool 3omry 60 :p) I used to write stuff that made sense, that made people think. These days I only seem capable of ranting and being incoherent! I'd love to believe that I'm still smart, it's just that maybe I'm getting fatty brain and that's why my brain isn't working well :p

Mood swings: ON
I'm starting to feel down...
Hmmmmmmmm think happy thoughts. Think rainbows (not gay rainbows, gays are happy though so that will work too) and unicorns. I'm gonna watch some more TV now. Good night :*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

F.U Zain, and I DON'T Mean Forget You!

I've been ranting for more than a week now about not having proper connection on my BlackBerry but I didn't know what was wrong. Until recently when I noticed that I only have problems with my connection when I'm at home (Qurain) or my aunt's house (3adan).

I'm extremely angry because living in Qurain doesn't make me a second class citizen! And I shouldn't have to tolerate this shit coming from people that I'm paying for a good service that I'm not getting!! I still don't have connection on my BlackBerry, thank god all the application work (wouldn't know how to live without my Face Book and E-mails!). I've been stealing my sister's connection or I would've just died (dramatic much!).

I have one thing to say to you dear Zain, "Fuck you and the horses you came marching on!!" (Heard it somewhere and been dying to use it :p).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


- Been busy cleaning mama 3oda's (Allah yer7amha) new house. I have everywhere ache but it was worth it! I got to operate some type of cleaning machine (I looooove heavy machinery!) that I've never tried and it was awesome!!

- They demolished the book store that I bought my first novel from :(
It was a Sidney Sheldon book I remember, but I don't remember which one. I used to be into mystery when I first started reading.

- I still don't have proper connection and that's why I haven't been leaving valuable comments, but don't worry for I shall be back :p

- My parents and 2 of my sisters are planning to go to america for a couple of weeks. One of my sisters has to take an exam for the radiology board and the rest are tagging along. Me and Mesho are so excited that they're leaving and taking some of the drama with them, but I can't say the same about Bujem9 (my older sister). She nearly threw a tantrum once she found out about their plan, and she's mad at me and Mesho for supporting them!! Anyways, let's prey that everything goes well with their visas and all because I could really use time away from them!

- Bujem9 engagement's going to be finalized tomorrow!! I hope that everything goes well with the test and all, because she really love the guy. I wish her all the happiness that life could offer, she really deserves it. I still can't imagine that if everything went as planned inshallah she won't be living with us anymore! It's all so bittersweet :(

I'll go eat my americana sandwich and drink my leban now. I'll annoy you more some other time :p

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"The Lemon Tree"

I just finished reading a book called "The Lemon Tree". It was by far the hardest read not because of the writing style or used vocabulary, but because of the subject it self.

The book talks about the issue in Palestine and the Israeli occupation in a narrative. It reads like a very well researched novel. I won't write a review of the book because I'm afraid that I won't do it justice, so if anyone wants to know what the book is all about you can just google it :p

I didn't consider myself as someone who really cares for "The Cause" or "The Right of Return", but while I was reading this book I couldn't help but have this gripping feeling in my heart for the injustice that the people of Palestine have and still is enduring on the hand zoinists. I think that everybody should learn even if a little about the history of the situation even if it's not easy to read of such an ordeal. Reading about it made me feel like I wanted to kick everyone who made the occupation possible on the ass, I can only imagine how living with it makes Palestinians feel!

What I hated the most is that when the zoinist took 3 times more territories than what was assigned for them in the UN agreement and dragged people out of their houses it was "frowned upon". But when the Palestinians didn't agree to signing away part of the remaining part of THEIR land, they were viewed as being a disturbing force to peace making and as terrorists! After all they did refuse the "generous" offer of being partial rulers of 92% (not including elmasjed el2a89a!!) of the 22% (of the original Palestine) piece of scattered lands that is called palestine now!!

One line that was written on that book and made me wanna shoot the stupid zionist bitch (Dalia, one of the two maine characters in the book) is when she told Bashir (The other character, the Muslim Palestinian guy): "For you, every viable solution will be lacking in justice. In a peace plan, everybody will have to do with less than they deserve". My question is, what's the "Justice" that she's speaking of? And why should zoinists "Deserve" more than the owners of the land? Why should Palestinians compromise for the wellbeing and the normalcy of zoinist's lives?

I hated how this book made me feel so helpless but I'm recommending it to everybody. It helped me in understanding, I now know enough to speak my mind about this subject. I'm empowered with knowledge, and maybe if I helped people in finding the mean to learn about the situation then I would be doing "a'63af el2eman"?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Lovely Torch, And The NOT So Lovely Zain!

My precious sisters bought me a BlackBerry Torch a couple of days ago as a very late graduation gift (just saying :p). Conveniently, they hid it in a kitco potato chips bag :p

I haven't posted about it until now because stupid zain had to ruin it for me!! I had connection problems so I decided to call the idiotic guys in the call center. They kept telling me the same thing each time I called (I think I called 20+ times! Yes, I can be naggy when it comes to my connection!), "take off the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back and wait for 10 minutes and everything should go great". First time I heard this phrase I was a bit skeptical, since I already took the battery out, but I did it none the less because he said something about activating the service so I was like ok! I talked to 3abdallas, m7amads, a7mads, and baders who all said the same thing (I did it once and ignored the rest!)!

All those guys gave me a stupid abused advise and heard my condescending "ya36eek el3afya" (shut up I'm always polite, even when I'm pissed :p) at the end of the cal. Until today when I first woke up (yes I'm this naggy:p) and called and for the first time I was talking to a girl. She told me to go to one of marakez el5edma since the problem persisted after activating the service (after the first call I started telling the person on the other end that the problem persisted after I did what they're telling me to do). She also gave me the name of the nearest place, their #, and their working shifts. I went there and now I finally have a connection. I'll forever be thankful to you shai5a, thank you for not BSing 3alla rasy :*
That proves to you people that women do everything better than guys! And guys should learn that we're not stupid and we know when we're being lied to!!

This is my first post from my new baby, I really don't care if it's incoherent and I don't feel like prof reading it :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Memory lane bonfire FAIL!

First of all, only I could start with a choice of cleaning my room or baking a pie and end up with a half burnt box full of crap and a collapsed lung!! Let me retell what just happened and you all will get how disturbed yours truly is.

As I was considering my choices, I chose against baking a pie since it's better eaten worm and no one was awake but me. So off I went to clean my room armed with plastic bags and all. I was nearly done with my first bag (it would've taken at least twenty to clean that dump!). I started finding stuff that I no longer wanted around. I gathered those stuff in a box and thought "TORCH THAT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!". Yes I might be an environmentalist, but you could never take the little arsonist out of me! So on a dumb (very very very dumb) impulse I thought "it's a small box, why not do it in the bathroom?". In my defense, I just watched "Phoebe in Wonderland" and I'm not a PG movie fan, so I was extremely bored and disturbed. Plus, those Fanning girls scream child abuse and tend to creep me out and make me want to act out for some reason!

So I went to the bathroom with my two scented candles, my box, my least favorite body spray (to start the fire silly!), matches, and myself. I closed the door, sprayed the body spray, lit a match, and BOOM we have a bonfire! At first it didn't smoke that much, but I knew what was coming. Surprisingly (more like stupidly, disturbingly, or suicidally) enough I just didn't care! So the more fire, the more smoke, the harder it got to breath (DUH! naturally!!). But instead of putting the fire out, I turned on the water, faucet, shower head and all. Still I felt like I was choking and my lung were killing me (wimps!), so you'd think that I'd put the fire out, right? Wrong!! I wet the hem of my nighty and started breathing through it while watching that majestic fire. As I was staring and bravely (stupidly) suffocating, I heard a knocking sound that brought me back to sane land. I thought "OMG now I'm really dead!" So I sprayed the box with water, which normally generated more smoke, more choking effect, more thinking "SUMAIAH YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT! CLASS A MORON!!". As I was choking to death, I lit the two scented candles (as if they had a chance while that mess was around!) Lifted the box while still hot and partly burning and threw it out. Went back to my bathroom because I remembered that the spray was right next to the candles (stupid). Then went down to prepare some fa7am for bo5oor. As I was doing this I started to realize that there probably wasn't any knocking, because if there were any I wouldn't have been able to do any of this!

I know now that what I did was very stupid (knew it all along, I just like starting fires :p) but you can't say that I didn't handle it like a pro! I still smell like BBQ Thursday and I'm not sure how the house smells because I think that I burnt smelling right out of me. So people of earth if I die of complications or shame if someone confronted me with this. Know that I don't regret this the least :D
As for my room, I think it's meant to be filthy forever!
And I might bake that pie tomorrow.
But now I have to go in, and down to my room to sleep the rush away. The weather is extremely sexy and I don't want to go, bs my eyes are hurting from the smoke :(
So good night people who now know for sure that I'm unwell. May you hear of more Sumaiah styled craziness in the near future :p

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lame Updates

- I made a loaf of brioche bread, then I made some french toast with it! Fortunately the eggs didn't come from my hen farm, because I'm not that lame after all.

- Mesho bit me (yes she bites, MOTAWA7ESHA!!) Two days ago and it still hurts. It bruised badly too :(
I think I might have rabies now because I'm pretty sure that she has it! :p

- I guess that's it! My life is boring :s

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Journey to Find the Lady Inside?

I think that I might be challenging myself not to curse! Most of the people that I'm surrounding myself with are not cool with the way I talk, so I'm not sure if I should ditch them or ditch the bitchy me? But then I thought maybe challenging myself to be girly and shit (shut up zain!) Might be fun, because I'm so bored and I could use a good challenge.

I will be promising to be polite and nice for a whole week. No bitcheness, no back lashing, no cursing, no nothing! Who here thinks that I could pull it off?

Freezing Stinky Cry Baby?

I feel like shit since I can't smell or taste. I can't till if I stink or if mom's sneaking onions or other healthy vigies in my food:p
Speaking of mom, today she finally made me soup :D
I had to ask for it and she made it a day later but still I felt awwwwwwh! I'm really hard on my mom but I think I love her! Whatever, moving on!

My stupid bathroom mafy ella may bared (not normal cold, freezing cold!). I'm not a fan of hot baths, but freezing cold baths are not my thing either! So yesterday I was already miserable and when I got under the shower head and had a taste of that shocking surprise I went like *shock* *shiver* *gasp* *weap* *snif* *cough* *cry* *sneez* *freez* *die*! Except that I wasn't lucky enough to die, so I sat under the cold water tired and crying!! But it's ok since I'm having so much fun laughing about it now :p

I haven't left home since I've gotten sick, haven't left the sofa 7atta mo bs home! Is the weather still as sexy as it was when I last was out? I'm craving burgers and ice-cream, should I go get some?

Monday, October 18, 2010

High on Vitamin C Dust

- It took me a whole day to take off the chipped nail polish and apply this, so I thought why not take a picture of my achievement (I'm being sarcastic, don't reduce me to a stupid fat blond!!). I remember my sister once sent me a picture of girls holding perfumes to show their nail polish, but that wasn't me (perfumes are meant to be sprayed on!) So I went with something more suitable :p
The picture suck because I'm too lazy to take pictures with a camera then send it, so I just take it with my sucky BB camera. I can't sleep, so I won't shut up any time soon and it's only getting more incoherant so buckle up :p

- I hate vitamin C, it tastes like the devil's puke! Especially the yellow one that looks like pee, come to think of it, it even tastes like pee! Well, I haven't tasted pee but if I had to guess I'd say that it tastes like yellow vitamin C! I remember having to drink vitamin C for 2 months when my surgery wound wouldn't heel. And the wound wasn't even worth it, it was like three stitches ya3ny give me a break!! But my sister was like take it so the wound will heel and u won't have an ugly keloid (google it, it's nasty in a cool way!) and man those are nasty even to me and I'm a big fan of scars!!

- In case you all haven't noticed I'm sleep deprived because I'm breathing funny which is nasty and annoying! Not sleeping and being sick is making me bitchy and fowl mouthed. Well, more bitchy and fowl mouthed to be exact! Which is particularly bad since facebook's starting to be my only joy in life and you know how when u comment on someone's status and the friends of that someone acts all dumb and I really can't tolerate dumb so I tend to insult them which never ends well! Once someone told me off because I said "bitch please" which is stupid! She was like "Sumaiah you wrote a very bad word....." Lool wallah seriously she thought that that was bad! To me "bitch please" is like "look honey" in Sumaiah language!! Anyways, my sisters aren't helping too, even though they know that I'm suffering but they're like "yallah 3ad snap out of it", "stop being a bitch", "DO NOT INSULT MY FRIEND", "en6amay", and I'm like I can't stop being sick! And they're not really helping with taking care of their poor sick sister so how do they expect me to be other than nasty!!

I could see this going on forever, and I don't even think that anyone is still reading my sick babbling so I should wrap it up! But unfortunately for u, this won't be the end of it. There's plenty from where that came from for later :p
I want shorba, no one made me any yet! I feel so neglected! The needy de3la is waking up, good morning world!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Very Sick, Baby Me Damn it!!

The seasonal flu found it way to my system, thanks to my aunts and cousins! That's what you get from family, sanaseen oo araf!!

I hate being sick because I hate doctors and would never go see one unless the pain was so unbearable, and the flu is never that bad. I'm also known for being sick for months in a row because I never follow any treatment method, and I'm really not looking forward to that!

I'm being an extra de3la now that I'm sick oo want to be babied, bs mako fyda no one ma36eny wyh :(
I want chicken mushroom soup minus the mushroom without onions! I want it now, but I don't really like chicken soup so u all have to be creative :p
5ala9 I'll shut up bema ena ma 3endy salfa!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You, But I'll Pass!

Yes I once said that you'll always be a part of my life, but time is showing me that that part could get smaller and soon be insignificant just like you're becoming smaller and insignificant to me.

Yes I said that leaving you was my biggest mistake, but time taught me that my biggest mistake could turn out to be the biggest blessing, and that's what leaving you have proven to be.

Yes I said that seeing you walk away is killing me slowly. Well, I must've lied because I'm growing stronger and more loved with each passing day.

Do you know what I felt when I saw you that day? Awkwardness! Not love, not pain, not regret, not longing, just awkwardness. I told you before that you don't have to forgive me for the bullet that I took for you, you just need to forgive me for moving on :)

Loving you and waiting for your love back prevented me from noticing other people who cared and still do. I'm glad that I've known you and I'm lucky that I no longer do!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Been a month

So it's been a month since I applied for my dream job and still no answer. They said that if I was chosen to fill the vacancy they'll contact me within a month, so I guess this is it! It was "The Job", anything else won't be half as good.

I'm really really sick of being unemployed. I'm so desperate that I'm starting to regret rejecting elbaladeya! A couple of months ago I wouldn't even think twice about that awful place, but now I'm dreaming of being bored out of my mind while doing nothing as long as I'm sitting behind a disk!

I'm very depressed and unsatisfied! I don't want to be a couch potato anymore. I don't want to bake all day long, I didn't study my ass off to be Betty Crocker!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ana el7ezaira!

El7ezaira is a game that two of my cousins and my older brother used to play with me. What's the game all about? It's all about protecting el7ezaira (me) from being hit by carrying me from place to place. What I'm not sure is whether 1 protects me from the other two who are trying to hit me, or the other way around. When they first told me about that game I was angry for being used at first, but then I couldn't help but feel treasured and important. I mean those boys fought for me! And even though they did it to entertain themselves, it still made me feel special.

What ruined everything for me though is that one of them grew up and thought of playing another game, he molested me! It's a shame though that two of them couldn't protect me from what one of them did!

On a lighter note, I'm guessing that erab6a elly 3alla rely foug is part of a leash that someone must've used for a different game:p

Friday, October 1, 2010

السبب وراء الصخة

الصورة المقلوبة ما عرفت أعدلها سو حطيتها جدي كيفكم!

مادري إذا في أحد تساءل ولا لأ بس راح أقولكم! مثل ما الكل يدري (من كثر ما حنيت) إنا توا صارت حفلتي التخرج. و بما اني ملكة التتنيح متنحة ناطرة أختي تدزلي صوري عشان اكتب بوست عن الحفلة. يمكن تسئلون ليش ما ادز الصور حق روحي؟ السبب الوحييد اني أنا حدي كسلانة!

المهم الحين بما إنا عندي صور طلعتي مع أهم انسانتين بحياتي ( ميشو أختي و نانا صديقتي الصدوقة) راح اكتب عنها.

رحنا أنا و ميشو و نانا ٣٦٠. طبعا أول مكان رحنا أهو جيان لأنا مكاني المفضل بالعالم كلا أهو الجمعية، مادري قاصيين سري هناك بس صج الحالة كسيفة! عقب صعدنا نلعب بولنق و مثل ما تشوفوون كلنا فاشلين بس أنا خسرت لأنا ميشو غشاشة، و نانا خسرت لأنها غبية تطووف اللاين! المهم كان حدا وناسة تكافخنا و ما ظل انحطاط ما انحطينالا (مادري شنو هذا يعني!) أحس يوم طلعنا اللي يشتغلوون هناك سوو عيد! بس كيفهم كان يومي و كيفي إذا بصارخ و أركض ورا الكرة (بغيت اندبغ على صماخي بس الحمد لله صماخي كبير يسوي توازن!).

اتعس شيء بالطلعة كان الشياب اللي حرقونا خز! يعني طالعيين من صباح الله خير عشان نتفادا الأوادم بس ماكو فايدة! بس أشدعوا نستحي ولا اثر فينا شي، احنا طالعين نستانس و الحمد لله هذا اللي سوينا :)

تونا درينا أختي لكبيرة نجحت بامتحانها عشان بترووح تكمل ماسترز، مبرووووك د. موفي:*

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Cool, and I Pee Standing Up

- Today's my graduation party :)
I think it's gonna suck but so what! I'm glad that I'd get to see my doctors and friends :D

- I got nominated to work fy elbaladeya, now everyone's calling me elba6a elbaladeya (not cool, shut up!)! I'm rejecting the offer though lanna come on ya3ny I'll die of ba6ala mo8ana3a there!!

- I was going to wear my black and white skull Vans shoes for graduation but my older sister told me that she won't come if I did. She also told me that I should go get myself some heels for a change, so I went and bought some girly flats... What I'm compromising!

- After years of practice I conquered the girl inside and managed to pee standing up. Guys, you ain't got nothing on me now!:p

- And in case you haven't noticed, I'm extremely cool :p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Election and Prostitution

During my college years I've managed to avoid the stupidity of college elections and the idiocity of the whole 6rara session that two parties choose to endure for something as trivial as being in charge of a stupid jam3eya!!

Unfortunately, today I was forced to go with Mesho to her college to participate in a ritual that resembles prostitution to me!

Each 8a2ema occupies a corner, the girls from each corner start to flaunt the merchandise, while dirty looking the girls from the other corner. If one of the opposing whores approached the other corner and tried to steel the client all hell breaks loose! If one party abandons it's strategic corner for a nano second, it will get snatched by the whores from the other party. I might be exaggerating but really there is some truth to what I'm saying! I could go on and on about this but I'm not in the mood, so use your imagination and imagine that I've elaborated:p

So girls and boys I have one advise for you, never leave your corners!:p

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't Bleed and Think!

That's ladies and gentlemen gives you a glimpse of what I do while all of you losers are slaving ur asses off at work!:p

This is the not so good life people!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chelsea, MARRY ME!!

I've always found myself more attracted to female personals. I could easily skip from one attraction (I don't crush, shut up!) to another. My current attraction is the sensational Chelsea Handler.

That girl is very funny, I'm practically obsessing about her! Her smile.... Ahhh I can't even describe how tingley it makes me feel (owh behave!). that voice of hers, it's music to my ears. I WANT HER!!

Every time anyone asked me what famous guy do I find attractive, my answer is "I'm not sure!". But ask me about my favorite female famous personal and I'll give you a very long list!

As you can see I'm not pretty sure about my orientation. I've been advised to experiment, do some trial and error until I finally decide which way do I desire to proceed. Care to be part of my sexual experiment?:p

P.s: I'll forever love you Chelsea, no matter how this ends up :**

Pss: I just realized that when I'm sleep deprived I don't make any sense, and when I have too much sleep I still don't make sense! Looool I guess I just don't make sense :p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blah Blah Hmmmmm

- No celebration is completed here without fooooood, lots and lots of yummy not so healthy food. And me being me I have to have'em all, which is not a very good thing I suppose:p

- Now that I'm gaining weight (bad:s) and my boobs are starting to fill up again (good:D), I realized that I want a boob job (I blame Dr 90210)!

- I'm watching too much reality shows, and I think that my IQ's dropping down by the second.

- I need a job

- I want to sleeep, I'm so tired all the time it's not funny!

- I miss watching el3eyal kebret oo madrasat elmosha'3ebeen.

- oooooooh yummy food on TV *drools*

- I'm feeling skeptical about our graduation party.

- You might find this hard to believe, but I'm a very cheerful girl! I'm very dramatic here because I don't get to be gloomy in person.

- I giggle when I'm sad, I giggle when I'm scared, I giggle when I get bad news, I even giggled when some one got on an accident and died!

- I want to marry Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson:p

- The plate above is almost empty now and we didn't have that much visitors:p

- I trust google with my life!

- When people tell me that I'm unique, they mean that I'm super weird.

- Is this good enough Slashy?
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Friday, September 10, 2010

3eed Blues

I'm eating cold (precooked) meat at 3:50 am, so we all know that it's 3eed time! Don't get me wrong, I used to love 3eed when I was younger. I mean what's not to love, money, a chance to go play with other kids, money, finding out who received more 3edeyas in the house, and then bragging about it, blowing that money on video games and junk food.

Now that I'm older, I don't like being around children, I don't need new toys, I don't want to be around family, I still love money but that's just not enough to make me oblige. What I want to see is the end floods and droughts, starvation, poverty. I want to see social justice, I want to believe that we could stop pumping green gases into the atmosphere and reveres the effect of global warming, I want to stop war. I want to believe that good things could still happen to me, I want to be able to dream, I need to be loved again.

If your asking yourselves about why I'm not happy because 3eed is our way, It's because none of what would make me happy's happening, so why should I be extra happy today?

3eedcom mbarak you all anyways!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fuck Off

Warning: don't read this! I repeat DO NOT READ THIS ENTRY! And if you did please don't act all wise on my ass! You can't fix this just as much as I can't! If I'm being whiny and dramatic then it's my fucking right to be so!! Just fuck off all of you and I'll just be fine tomorrow!

"Hatha ermo'6anech! Mjabal talfezion ly elfayer oo noum ly el3a9er!"

Fuck him! What does he know about rm'6any! He wasn't even around! Why does he always have to put us down! Does he think that having a long beard puts him in good relations with Allah, and that gives him the right to be mean with his kids! Why doesn't he ever notice the good traits that we have? Does he always have to pick on what he thinks we're doing wrong? I know that he's weak unless I empower him, so why am I giving him control over my life! Even wife beaters are braver than him, at least those bruises heal, unlike the damage that he's causing that will never heal!

Why did my mom stay with him? Does she think that she's doing us a favor by doing that? Why does she always have to take his side? Why does he have to be nice to everyone, so when we complain everyone tells us that he's as holy as god! If he hates us that much then why can't he leave us and go pick on another family!

How come he's the only one who can make me feel this bad? How come it's his love that I yearn for and run away from at the same time? How come he doesn't like us this much but still manages to stick around? Does he find strength in causing us pain? Is it his way of saying I love you back?

I used to forgive him because he had a mentally abusive mom. He's messing us up because she messed him up before. But shouldn't he protect us from what he went through! He of all people should know that guilt triping your child will eventually lead them to snap!

I can't take being in this much pain for long. I won't stay, I'm not mom. I won't be the weak dumb women that I make fun of when they come up on TV! I just need to work for my ticket out of here, and not through marriage that is!

I want to hate him. I want to tell him how mean and weak he is. I want to hurt him just as much as he's hurting me. But because I love him I could only wish that he was gone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Semo the Entertainer

I'm out of creativity guys, this is the end of my life as an entertainer.

This piece of art (looool shut up and let me have my fun!) Is made from a single tissue paper. It captures such row emotions of pain and agony probably caused from some sort of abuse. The facial expressions are of a person who just gave up. Loooool you know I'm just messing with you! I thought why not make use of the art appreciation class that I had to take back in college :p
I need to get a life, I know!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boredom = Stupidity

This is not me caving to your demands of another dose of stupid. This is me trying to use my brain since I have no school anymore!

Do you think that anyone will hire me if they knew that I do this when bored?

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's So Boring I'm Gonna Die

So, I'm bored!

Not everyday bored, super extra bored!!



That's all, I just wanted to say that I'm bored!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

She6ary Tears!

I totally forgot about my tear ducts for a while, but then I don't know what happened and it's like my body remembered all about them again! I've been crying over everything for the past couple of days and it's getting to be so irritating!

Yesterday I cried for 2 hours straight because dad was being dad! I cried for not making him love us just as much as he loves everyone but us. I cried for not being able to protect Mesho and 3amoor from having to wait for a change that will never be! I cried for not being able to love them enough to eliminate his role! I cried for loving him even if he's this mean! I cried now even when that's how it has always been!

Then I cried for growing up to be this emotionally impaired! I cried for the mistakes I've made over the years. I cried for people I lost along the way. I cried over the loud shrieks my nephews were making. I cried for nothing and for everything all the same!

I used to be the girl who says "why cry if it's not gonna accomplish anything!". I feel so ridiculous for not being able to stop! It feels like my tear ducts are making up for lost times. Now I have a souring headache to top it all! I want this to stop at once, I just want to be rational and stone hearted again!

Slashy babe if you're reading this please let us know how you're doing. We're all worried about you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Please Be Ok!

Ever since I was little I had troubles with making new friends. I was blessed to find great people here, who have no problems with my weirdness. When I first started this I didn't think that I'll last, and I sure didn't expect anyone to take time to read about my daily drama! But what didn't even cross my mind is that I'll make new friends.

Having so little friends makes losing one of them extra hard. Not being able to wake up and read about how their day went plane suck. Not being able to check their blog every 5 minutes creates a void that sure is hard to fill. And having that friend disappear without prior notice and without giving you a mean of getting in touch is the cherry decorating that awful treat!

Please if you're out there reading this contact one of us, we just want to make sure that you're ok! We're all worried about you please don't leave us hanging.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Always the Party Planner, Never the Party Girl!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with birthdays and birthday parties. Whenever there's a party to plan I'm the first to come to. Even if planning a party (especially a surprise ones) is very exhausting and time consuming, I believe that time spent planning a party is time well spent.

Ironically, no one ever threw me a surprise party (there was an attempt by my friends but it wasn't much of a surprise!). I had 3 birthday parties to show for my 21 years of living, all thrown by friends, and 2 of them don't count as parties (a cake and some candles).

Mind you, I really don't care about being thrown a party or being totally forgotten about. By now I'm used to not doing anything memorable on my birthday and I stopped hoping for a change.

What I really want now is for me to throw my own party. My birthday's on the 11th of Feb, I know that there's ages to go but since I'm always bored I figured why not start planning. I'll be 22 in my next birthday and it's a special year for me because I love number 2 (stupid reason I know! But I passed all of the milestones legreba!).

On my last birthday I wore a tiara for the whole day, it was a warm up for what to come! This upcoming year I'm thinking a masquerade, what do you think?
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Lailo

ليلو هذي خالتي اللي أحن علي من أمي و أقرب لي من أختي لكبيرة و غلاتها من غلات رفيجتي!

ليلو إهيا ذا كوولست خالة اللي أي أحد ممكن يحلم فيها. ياما سمعتلي لما كنت متأزمة. ياما طلعتني لما كنت ملانة. و لو كنت من النوع اللي يتكلم، إهي بتكون من أول الناس اللي بيعطوني ويه.

أكثر شي خالتي اتحب تذكرني في أهوا انها بدلت حفاظتي يوم أنا صغيرة، وأنا أحب أذكرها إني كنت انجل بيبي و كنت انحب. و أكثر شي نتشابة في أنا وياها أهوا النحاسة، احنا الثنتين من انحس بنات العائلة. لما نتجابل محد يقدر يوقفنا، وير اندستركتبل!

يمكن تحسبون انها بيرفكت، بس للأسف عندها نفسيا ما في منها ثنتين بهالديرة، لما اتنفس لا يحوشك!! بس حتى لو تنفس علي طول الوقت راح استحمل لأنها حبيبتي و أمي بالتبني بالاجبار! قبل جم سنا كنت أقول حق ماما عودتي (الله يرحمها) انها تتبناني لأني أحسن بنت في العالم، و ماما عودة كانت تقولي "ولي مناك شسوي فيج اتبناج و عقبها تعرسين و تهديني" (الله يرحمها كان حسبالها في أحد يبي حفيدتها الويردو!). سو عقب ما يدتي توفت خالتي ورثتني للأسف! سو ناو أنا غاصبتها تصير أمي، أدري انها تحبني بس ما تعرف شلون توريني (غصب بتلزق عمرها!).

ليولا هذي ذهبا، صج بالفترة الأخيرة كانت أعصابها تعبانة شويا لأنا كان عندها ظروف قاهرة (من زمان و أنا أبي استعمل هالكلمة!) بس إهيا انسانة قلبها طيب و ماكو منها ثنتين. إهيا نصيرت الشباب و حبيبة الكل. كلنا نتمني انها ترد مثل قبل، بس إذا ما كان ودها ستيل احنا راح نتم انحبها. هذي كتكوتي و أمي (رضت واللا انرضت) و أختي و رفيجتي وكلي. خالتي ليلى أحبج و أموت فيييييييييج يالغالية:*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My FIERCE Bed :p

So this is my bed! It's one of a kind, etha legataw methla in another 21 year old girl's room I'm welling to give you anything, and I do mean anything!:p

It's actually the bed that I had as a child! When I was old enough and had a new room I just didn't want to part with it lanna it was made especially for me. I remember when we were younger, me and my sisters used to climb all the way to the top (it's a very big bed as you can see from the amount of crap elly mlazgeta 3alay!) and then jump on the bed( can't show the lower part of the bed because then you'll be blinded by how messy my room is!), loool ya3ny stunt women!:p

The only problem with my bed is that it's pink and purple (SHUT UP!). I'm not a girly girl, in fact I'm kind of a tomboy, so I hate hate HATE those colors. I haven't repainted it yet thu because I'm lazy! I had people come and move my furniture to the middle of the room and paint my walls white because I wanted to do my own room make over. Well, years went by and I still have white walls, pink and purple furniture (it comes with a matching night stand, and dresser. SHUT UP!) In the middle of the room!!

I'm not childish (or even a child at heart! I'm a grumpy old hag at heart!:p), and I don't believe that I used to love my homey furniture as a child as much as I do today. Anyone who knows me enough will read my name all over my room (even without the mess!), it has attitude, my attitude :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


It's a true dilemma when u have something to say but nowhere to say it. you can't utter the words, you can't publish it on your facebook account or your blog, you can't even use it as a personal massage for BBM! Because no matter where u place it, it will either hurt someone, or give someone the edge to hurt you! I might be a tough cookie, but being tough is the hardest thing to do, and I do it because I have to!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not So Random

- I organize my novels by order of preference. This is my top shelf, so it contains my favorite novels.
- No one told me to count backward when I was being anesthetized.
- My healthy life style is not going well anymore.
- Even if I act like I'm over you, you're still going to be in my life.
- I'm bored from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go back to sleep.
- I miss being loved!
- Even if I'm complaining right now, I'm still happy with the way life is going :)
- I miss my shows! Was going to catch up on them once I graduated, haven't done that yet!
- A large percentage of my body is covered with scars, 50% of those were self inflected.
- I love myself the most now.
- I thrive on confrontation some times, and run away from them other times.
- I think that once I leave home my life will be mine at last.
- I hate markers and post-its.
- I don't underline important info, in fact if you see anything underlined it means that I didn't read it!
- I think that I have early onset Alzheimer's.
- I know that I know more about myself but my brain is freezing up on me!
- Some times I just want someone to pamper me for a change.
- Other times I just want to be left alone.
- I'll joke and laugh no matter how bad I feel. I just don't think that anyone could help me but me so I just don't show it.
- I wake up with really messy hair, scary messy!
- I used to have a sore throat every day when I was younger!
- I'm very critical and cynical.
- I'm my own reality check.
- I burt every part of my body except for my face while cooking.
- I check if knives are sharp enough on my skin before cutting with them.
- If I don't cry that doesn't mean that I'm not in pain.
- My parents dysfunctional relationship is one of the main reasons to why I don't want to get married.
- No matter how good I am, I'm still not good enough.
- I am a good person no matter how bad I screw up.
- When I was younger I wanted an owl a snake and a lizard as pets, I still do!
- I'm very stubborn, you could never change my mind!
- I'm never wrong! Even if I was, which is never!:p
- This started out as a random post but then it turned personal and I don't feel like coming up with a title!
- My eyes speak what's going in my mind when words are no more appreciated, that's why I can't face you.
- I've never owned a pet that didn't die
- I hate rabbits, they look evil!
- My bed is shaped as a house, it's pink an purple (don't laugh!)! I love the concept but want to repaint it, but haven't found the energy to do so.
- Madry sheno ba3ad, I guess that's it! Yallah now go do something useful with your life!